Why You Should Say Yes To A PCS To Germany

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Even though the Military is shutting down some Military installations in Germany, people are still PCSing over there. Sometimes they have a choice, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the spouse thinks about staying in the US. As someone who spent four years in Germany, I have to recommend that if you have the opportunity to go overseas,… Read More »

Why I Love Parenthood and the Bravermans


A few weeks ago Parenthood aired its very last show. I caught up on the season last week and have now seen them all. It ended well and the last few episodes were very touching. There are a few reasons why I love this show. My mom told me about it after she watched a… Read More »

Making The Best Use Of Your Working Hours When You Are A Work At Home Home

Making The Best Use Of Your Working Hours When You Are A Work At Home Home

When you work for yourself, you are your own boss. This is nice. You can take time off when you want. You don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder. You don’t have to ask anyone when you can go to lunch. On the other hand, when you are your own boss, it is on you… Read More »

I Don’t Want To Lose All My Photos


In college I always had my camera with me. It was always some type of non digital point and shoot. One of my favorite things to do was take the film in to Long’s Drug Store and get it developed. It took a couple of days and when I got it back I was super… Read More »

Tales of a Picky Eater

picky eaters

Oh picky eaters! There are a lot of blog posts out there about how to help a picky eater, what you can do to prevent “making” one, how you shouldn’t be a short order cook, how your kids need to clean their plates, etc, etc, etc… There is a lot of advice about what to… Read More »

Blue Stars by Emily Gray Tedrowe Book Review

Blue Stars

It is always exciting for me to get a book review request about a fictional book having to do with Military families. I always enjoy reading them because they each offer a different perspective on war and living life as a Military spouse. I had the opportunity to review Blue Stars by Emily Gray Tedrowe… Read More »

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