Finding New Roads Through the Military Spouse Blogging Community

finding new roads

  Over the last several years I have been inspired by the Military Spouse Blogging Community. Through their words, their thoughts and their boldness I have learned more about myself as well as the Military and the community that stands behind it. Through these bloggers I have been able to help find new roads, even… Read More »

Keeping Kids Busy In The Summer When You Are On A Budget

Summer is here and you might be trying to figure out what to do with your kids for their time off from school. Yes, there are camps and classes that you could sign them up for, but those all cost money, sometimes a lot of it. If you are like our family and on a… Read More »

How To Work From Home During The Summer

How To Work From Home During The Summer

Working from home is great, especially since all three of mine are in school most days. My youngest only goes three times a week but I still have chunks of time to get things done. But…as of tomorrow we will be on summer break and all of that changes. I am starting to panic a… Read More »

So You Want To Start A Blog?


So you want to start your own blog? Maybe you have friends that blog, maybe you have seen it in the news and would love to have your own? Here is a simple guide to help get you started.   I started my first blog way back in 2004 when I was pregnant with my… Read More »

When You See A Child Throwing A Fit

When You See A Child Throwing A Fit

  The other day there was a video being posted online about a boy throwing a tantrum in the car. Although I thought it was a little odd that they were filming and not pulling the car over, I felt sympathy for the kind of fit the kid was having. It was the kind of… Read More »

Sunday Weekly Blog Post Wrap Up {4}

Sunday weekly Blog Post Wrap Up

  Every Sunday I will be highlighting my own posts and the great posts I found this past week out in blog land   It’s time for another Sunday Weekly Blog Post Wrap Up!     Here is what I wrote about this week: Monday~ I blogged about What My Mom Taught Me  . Tuesday~ I… Read More »

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