Do you use Swagbucks?


If not you should!  Swagbucks really does work.  In the past 2 months I have earned $25 worth of Amazon gift cards.  This really supports my reading habit :) 


How do you earn Swagbucks


Well every day I earn some by searching at  I also can earn them by finding special codes on their blog, Facebook page, Twitter or their newsletter.  I think they usually put out 1-3 each day. 


They also have special offers you can do to earn even more points. 


I have also earned a few from my referrals. 


They also have a lot of stores that you can earn Swagbucks from when you purchase something from them. 


Swagbucks is just a fun program with fun rewards! 


When you first sign up you start out with 30 Swagbucks :)  So if this sounds interesting at all, give it a try.



Working on my 6th Amazon card :)

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