Love Letters

I love getting love letters from my husband.  I have saved every letter he has ever written me.  Even the ones he wrote over email before we started dating.  I guess those weren’t so much love letters as just notes but still.

Last deployment I really didn’t get too many letters from him.  My husband is not a writer and communication can be frustrating when he is gone.   I am hoping that during this next deployment we can write each other more.  I love to pick out cute cards and include a letter & pictures with them.

How about you?  Do you write a lot of love letters to each other when you are apart?  Do you save them?  Do you tend to send more emails or are you more into the hand written letter?

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  • Jessie

    That is SO sweet ya'll write hand written notes to each other. Technology is awesome and all, but there is just something about a letter, note or card that is handwritten that is so much more precious and heartfelt :)

  • Charity

    I have saved them all, and through our 10 years together, I have quite the collection.

  • Karolynn

    That's so cute that you guys are still writing handwritten love letters <3. I myself enjoy technology: emails, facebook, text messages, etc., but nothing compares to a handwritten letter knowing the person took the time to sit down and write it to you.

  • Jacqueline

    I absolutely LOVE getting love letters from my husband. During his first deployment we were only dating and I felt very special because he spent majority of his free time writing me! He rarely sent letters to anyone, the occasional to his mom, maybe his dad but that was it. I save every single letter, card or note he writes me. I couldn't imagine ever getting rid of them. As our next deployment nears that is really the ONLY part I look forward to… the letter writing. It's played such a huge part in who we are when we are apart. We even write letters to one another when we spend a weekend apart. It may be nerdy, but it works :)

  • Nicole

    I have saved all of our letters as well. I am hoping to get some this deployment but Danny told me that if he has the time to sit and write a letter, he'd rather get on the computer and chat instead.

    Those letters are going to be great mementos to share with your boys one day! :)

  • trooppetrie

    When he is gone I love to write to him because I know he enjoys mail. So once a month I go to dollar general or walmart and pick up a stack of cards (mostly 50 cent cards) and take them home and sign and adress them. Then every day I can just write a one liner or include in a ten page letter. The other thing I do is if there is a holiday that month (Valentines, Easter) then I buy that many cards (Valentines 14 days, Christmas is on the 25th so 25 cards) do the same thing only I go ahead and mail them all at one time. Then everyday that month leading up to the holiday he has a holiday card to read and set out. I do find doing it all at once is easier because I am not looking for his address or a stamp. It is all done. I remember with one child he got a 8-10 page letter every day. With four kids he is lucky to get that once a month.

  • Marci

    My husband is in Basic right now. He has written me every single day! Most are written by flash light after Lights Out. I write him most days, too. And I am planning to save every letter. I suspect once he is allowed to use a computer or phone, he won't write much because he usually is not a writer. But, I am enjoying it now!

  • Anna

    I found that I've written a lot less letters during this deployment than I did back when he was in Basic. Then again, he couldn't call too often or go on the internet while in Basic.

    Communication has been good for us so far, thankfully (and we're just at the 5 month mark!)

    I find though, that when it's been more than a few days of not hearing from him and my mind starts to worry and wander …. I start writting letters. Both for him and for me.

    I always forget how much I love writting him letters, it's great therapy to just write everything down and get everything out.

    So far, he's only written me one letter. I don't blame him though, by the time it got to me we had already talked about what he had written. He's not much of a letter writer anyways.

  • Old School/New Schoo

    That's really sweet that you've saved all of his letters. I hope you get some sweet ones this deployment!

  • brittanyboo113

    I recently created a blog and have been doing some networking, and i came across your inspiring blog. Not only are you a military spouse, but we share the same theme!! My first thought was.. it cant be! Back to the drawing board.. But i figure we must share some things in common, like our taste it blog layouts, although yours is more developed and well mine in under construction. Anyways, I love the concept of handwritten love letters! My husband and I often exchange them during deployment. It creates a sense of much needed closeness during a vey sensitive time. On a different note, i am excited to follow your blog and gain your insight!

  • juliedanielle

    Hi Brittany! Thanks for visiting :) What is your blog? I would love to see it. You are right it does create a sense of closeness :)
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