One Easter Weekend

Did you have a good Easter weekend?  We did!  Friday night Ben and I went on a double date.  We went to Bunco and then to O’Connors Irish Pub here in Clarksville.  It was so great to get out without the kids.  We really needed it.  Saturday we were going to go to the zoo but Ben got called into work for a little bit so we wouldn’t have been able to get to the zoo until 1 or 2.  That normally wouldn’t have been a big deal except that Saturday was the busiest day of the year at the zoo and on Friday they turned people away at 2.  We decided to go to an egg hunt at one of the parks.  I was not really impressed by it.  Way too many people but I guess we should have expected that.  After that we met up with some friends for a bbq at the little fishing river.  That was so much fun!  Made me excited about summer.  On Sunday morning we went to church and then headed to the zoo.  It was a perfect day for it.  Not a lot of people, nice weather and the boys had a lot of fun.  I took my two oldest boys to the new Dinotrack area they have.  My 7 year old told me it was the best ever and my 5 year old keeps asking to go again.  So I think it was worth the cost of it.  I wasn’t sure at first but to see how they reacted to it, it was worth it.

What did you do for Easter?







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  • Lemon Stand

    I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend and I love the pictures. Our daughters won't stand still long enough to have any taken any more (take note of this because I hear it also happens to boys as they get older), but we were still all together for Easter. It always feels a little different on holidays during a deployment, but we all still got a small Easter Basket. :) Some small traditions never seem to have an age cutoff.
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  • Jenn

    Great photos!! Beautiful family. :)
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  • Ariana Lemarr

    That's really a great family photo. It seems you enjoyed Easter with great joy, fun and frolic. :)
    Here we were having a great family meeting..enjoyed a lot to be with my family of four bros and three sisters.
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