Why I love that my husband is a soldier

military homecomingBeing a Soldier’s wife has its ups and downs. This post is about why I love that my husband is a Soldier.

1) Homecomings- That sweet day when the deployment is finally over and you no longer have to be apart.  I don’t think there is anything more special other than maybe a wedding day or a birth of a child.  My heart melts when I think of the homecomings we have had.

2) Love Letters- Even though my husband doesn’t send them too often, getting a hand written note during a deployment is so nice.  It is a real treat especially in the age of email and Facebook.

3) Seeing him in uniform- Love seeing my husband in his uniform.  Very sexy ;)

4) Deployments refresh our marriage- I feel like each time he has deployed it has been like a refresh on our marriage.  We have time to think, to be alone and then we come back together even stronger.

5) Knowing you are married to someone who will serve his country- It is a great feeling to know that you are married to someone willing to serve their country.  There are different ways to serve our country and the Military is a big way to do so.  It makes me feel good knowing that it is in my husband’s character to serve.


What would you add to the list?


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  • Bethanne

    Those are great reasons!
    I love it because it makes him happy. I love when he's happy. :)
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  • Trooppetrie

    i feel the same way about deployments. it does refresh our love
    My recent post 5 Question Friday

  • Sarah Ruth

    This is a great post! I totally agree with all of your reasons. I think I'd add that having a military husband and going through deployments can help us appreciate our husbands more.
    My recent post Alouette

  • http://www.actfastplumbers.co.uk/ Plumbers in fleet

    I agree with the above answer as far as asking to go somewhere else…but I don't think Germany is a good choice..they deploy quite a bit from there. Depending on his job….he may be able to go to a post where they don't deploy. I know for MP's there are post out there…but like I said that depends on his job.

  • http://intlcybernetics.com/ Skid Tester

    I completely acknowledge with all of your factors.He may be able to go to a publish where they don’t set up.

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  • http://wife-hat-mom-hat.blogspot.com Amy

    My very favorite thing about I love about being an army wife is the pride I have in my hubby! Sometimes it’s just overflowing!
    Amy recently posted..Christmas at the Armory

  • https://theguardlife.wordpress.com/ The Guard Wife

    All the above plus the amazing community of support and lifelong Army wife friends!

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