Thankful for Facebook in my Military Spouse Life

I was thinking this morning how thankful I am for Facebook.  I know some people have problems with Facebook but I never really have had any and it has really been a good thing the last few years.  Especially since we are a Military family and don’t live anywhere near our family and long time friends.  We also move often or our friends move often.  Facebook has helped me keep in touch.

Now if someone is a close friend and moves away it is much more likely that we will talk on the phone or write emails to each other.  I have one friend whom I text with all day long.  If I suddenly didn’t have access to Facebook anymore I would still be in touch with those people.

But what about everyone else?

What about the other Moms I met at my son’s first preschool or friends I went through deployments with or people I have met at Bible study or a playgroup?  People that touched me in one way or another.  I simply would not be able to keep in touch with all of these people.  Facebook makes it possible.  I can see pictures of their new baby.  I can hear stories of their children growing up.  We can discuss the latest movie or book or play a round of Words with Friends.

I think for me it makes the whole saying goodbye part of Military life a little easier.

Have you been able to keep in touch with people after you or they move away?  What is the easiest way for you to do that?

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  • Facebook and my blogs have been the way to go for me. If it wasn’t for Facebook, I probably wouldn’t be in touch with half the people that I am. Hubby and I have found old Marine Corps friends, friends from college, friends from high school, and the list goes on and on….. Through FB, I have become greater friends with a group of moms that I’ve only known through email for the past 6 years. We share the funny stuff, the sad stuff, the frustrating stuff and more. I now use it to convey information to the other military families in my husband’s unit.

    It’s nice….and I love it!

    • Facebook really has a lot of great uses doesn’t it?

  • Facebook is the best. It is an awesome way to keep in contact with people, but it is also a great way to get information out to all your friends and family. Like when my dad was in the hospital we would post on Facebook and ask people to pray. I knew we had hundreds of people praying for him. When he passed away it was such an easy way to let people know without having to say it over and over. Thank God for Facebook!

    • Facebook really is nice to have in situations like that. Best way to get info to a bunch of people.

  • Facebook’s been a life saver in keeping touch with friends. I rarely email anymore, although there are a few people I do/have to. Over 15 years of Army life we’ve been able to keep in touch with some of the people who’ve been important to us, keep up with them, etc. It honestly annoys me when people leave FB, but yet wants to stay in touch (but they were never good at emailing), I find those are the people who end up falling away, one doesn’t have to be glued to facebook to periodically keep in touch with friends!

  • Tia @ Military Wife Theology 101

    I agree! Facebook is what you make it. I think it can be a useful and efficient tool for sharing information, ideas, and support. I love that I can keep up with my military ‘family’, and chatting on FB doesn’t mean I won’t ever call.