$25 Cablemover Visa Card Giveaway

Are you PCSing this summer? I know a lot of people are. Cablemover can be a great resource during your move! They are a one stop shop for connecting your cable Internet, TV and phone along with other time and budget-saving moving tips. Please visit their Facebook page as well for tips and other great information!

Here is a quick video for your to watch too :)

Cablemover is sponsoring a $25 Visa card giveaway to one of my readers. Just enter using the Rafflecopter. The giveaway starts right now and goes until Tuesday June 19th, 2012 at 11:59pm!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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About Julie

WAHM of three boys, wife of 12 years, blogger, photography and book nerd.

  • Tabathia B

    I plan on moving in February 2013

  • Tabitha Pyle

    I hope to never move again.

  • Tabitha Pyle

    I hope to never move again.

  • Jessica F

    nope, I moved this March and am hoping to stay put for a while!

  • Jessie C.

    Not this summer, probably within two years or so.

  • Mary Happymommy

    We’d like to move once the economy improves and we can sell our house at a decent price!

  • Elena

    We moved two years ago and might move again in one year.

  • LAMusing

    with the housing market so bad we’re stuck for who knows how long

  • Susan S.

    We will move as soon as our house sells.

  • Michelle H.

    We’re hoping to move in the next 2 years.

  • Jennifer Marie

    We are not moving this summer, but we probably will be moving in the next year or two.

  • Stephanie

    maybe i will move in the next few years

  • http://fakeginger.com amanda @ fake ginger

    I wish we were moving this summer! We probably have another couple years until we move again. I can’t wait!
    amanda @ fake ginger recently posted..Sausage, Tomato, and Arugula Linguine

  • Susan

    We are happy with where we are right now. I don’y have any thoughts of moving. But thanks with this giveaway..
    Susan recently posted..Home

  • http://collegehelpfrommom.blogspot.com/ Debbie CAMPBELL

    may be summer or fall. unfortunately can’t keep my house so have to find something.
    Debbie CAMPBELL recently posted..ACT vs. SAT test

  • http://www.flipflopsandcombatboots.net Nicole

    We moved 2 months ago! I hope we dont have to do it again for a loooooong time!
    Nicole recently posted..Blog Star: Hi I’m Nicole

  • Ellen B

    yes, as soon as we find a place we are planning on moving

  • http://www.chambanachik-live.blogspot.com chambanachik

    I hope we don’t have to move for a long time, but that always depends on finances, etc.
    chambanachik recently posted..The Carousel

  • http://welcometotheblogofanarmywife.blogspot.com/ Sara S.

    I’m actually moving this August! Hopfully the last BIG move I have to make ever!!
    Sara S. recently posted..428!! — Only 1072 to go!!

  • Jessica T.

    I might move once my son gets a little older.

  • Kelly D

    I might be moving next spring.

  • lala r

    july next year

  • Ashley Hatten

    yes, we’re moving in August hopefully, if everything goes as planned *fingers crossed* thanks!!!

  • http://windmillers.blogspot.com Cat W.

    We’ll be moving in the fall!

  • Mari

    We’re not moving this summer, but I hope we will next year!

  • Tina M

    We are not moving this summer

    • Tina M

      we plan on moving next year

  • http://sarahruthtoday.com Sarah Ruth

    I’m moving in September.
    Sarah Ruth recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Our New Furbabies!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I’m moving next spring

  • Laura Jacobson

    Not moving that soon, but next year!

  • s riches

    We are not moving this summer and hopefully will never move again.

  • Barbara Montag

    I might be moving in a couple of years – thank you.

  • Julie

    may move in a few years when the kids are gone :)


    yes we moved a few weeks ago and still upacking! thanks, simms3710@yahoo.com

  • Stefanie G

    I’m hoping to move in the next year or two!

  • Daniel M

    nope and have no idea when

  • Gina M Maddox

    We are not moving and have no plans to move any time soon. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  • Leslie Galloway

    We’re not moving this summer, but have been looking around a bit. We’re outgrowing our house as the kids get older!


  • http://usandour2girls.blogspot.com/ Heather

    We are moving on July 1. And then again on Aug 31. It is going to be an interesting summer for us!
    Heather recently posted..Ice Cream!

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    We are moving in the fall! I am excited and scared.

  • Amanda Sakovitz
  • neiddy ruiz

    We are praying for a new house, of course we would love to move to a new place as soon as possible but we know that God will decide when the time is right

  • laurie

    plan to move in the next year

  • http://thespanglyprincess.blogspot.com Lynda Del

    Ideally, I’d like to move into my own place sometime within the next year.

  • Stacey B

    I’m not moving this summer, luckily, and hope to not move for awile.

  • Stacey B

    Subscribed via RSS google reader stacey0711n(at)gmail(dot)com