Joshua’s Baptism

We decided to wait until we were in California to have Joshua baptized. That way we could have it done at our home church in California, the same place the other boys were baptized. It was so nice to see a lot of our old friends. After the service the church had a pool party at the pastor’s house so we were able to go to that for a while too.

During the service and pool party I realized that as much as I love that church and miss those people, I am glad we have a church home in Clarksville too. It took a long time to find but glad we have found something that works for us here.






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  • Amanda

    We decided to do the same for Marsh. We waited for our Michigan trip in August and got him baptized in the church I grew up in. It was nice for my family to be able to attend one of his milestones 🙂

  • Marinelli

    Baptisms, which for some Christians symbolize the washing away of sins, are memorable events because of their deep spiritual meaning. Therefore, it is natural for families to want to personalize a baptism ceremony, setting the day apart as special and meaningful.

  • Reagan Elian

    It’s nice to look like a happiness in the baptism ceremony, and also these pictures bears an example of better life.

  • Lacey

    Love the photos!! It looks like it was a really good ceremony and i think its really cool you guys had a pool party that makes it even more special!