7 ways you know we are an all boy family


My house is an all boy house.  We have no little girls here.  Mommy is the only one sporting the pink.  My 8 year old loves green, my 5.5 loves blue and we are still waiting to see what color Baby J will go after.

Here are 7 ways you know we are an all boy family…

1. Legos Legos everywhere.  Lego Star Wars, Lego Avengers, Lego Harry Potter…I think we have a little bit of everything.

2. We won’t be selling any Girl Scout cookies.  We have started Cub Scouts and I am learning it is pretty different than my experience with Girl Scouts.  Either that or things have changed a lot since I was a kid.  I am going with it and will see what the year brings.  But any Girl scout cookies in this house will be bought from a friend.

3. No shopping in the pink aisle.  I love Barbie and girly toys but that isn’t what my boys want.  I go over to the pink aisle to shop for friends and family but not my own kids.  It is like going to a foreign land.  An area I am not apart of anymore.

4. Everything is a gun.  I am not too big on toy guns but we have a few.  Mostly Nurf guns.  But what I have learned is that little boys turn almost anything into a gun.  And if they have nothing else, a finger also works.

5. Potty training is difficult.  Yes I know there are boys out there that train early and there are girls out there that take their time, but taking an informal poll of friends with both sexes, boys are usually harder to potty train than girls.  Now Baby J isn’t even 2 yet so I am holding out hope he won’t take forever but we will see.

6. We are a busy house with busy boys.  My guys are big into pretending and acting out stories.  It is pretty busy and noisy around here. Keeps me on my toes.

7.  Trains and Cars. Baby J is totally into his trains and cars.  He loves his brother’s Legos too.  He totally fits right into this boy house.

Are you a mom of all boys?  How many do you have?


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  • Kena

    :) So true! We have 3 boys. Definitely no pink in this house.
    Kena recently posted..My Sick Darlings.

  • http://thingsicantsay.com Shell

    Had to laugh at everything is a gun. It’s so true!

    Three boys here. :)
    Shell recently posted..Things They Can’t Say: Soccer Mom Wisdom

  • http://www.soldiersheartranch.blogspot.com Debra LeCompte

    When my oldest was 3 1/2, I had a set of twin boys, then 20 months later, twin girls… My observation about boys, they are born wanting to drive something… Their first utterance is always, “bruuum, bruuum.” (Car sound..) If allowed they will make tunnels in the backyard any prisoner trying to tunnel out would envy, and bath and bedtime are the enemy…
    Debra LeCompte recently posted..Unbelievable Pictures of Afghanistan!

  • http://ofdandelionsanddaffodils.blogspot.com Sarah

    We walked by a Lego store at the mall today and I asked Christopher if he wanted to go in. He said not this time, but he will when he has sons! We always had tons of my brothers Legos around the house growing up!
    Sarah recently posted..I figured out the answer so you don’t have to