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Childhood Friends

I have been blessed with being able to stay in touch with many of my childhood friends. My mom met some great friends when she first moved to California after college and a few of them happen to have had little girls when she did. We all kinda grew up together and we all try to get together when we can. When I got pregnant with Joshua, my friend B and my friend J got pregnant with their first babies. We were able to get together when we were pregnant and then again this summer as our babies were now toddlers.  We all met up at a park.  My parents, B, her husband and daughter, her mom, J and her daughter.  It was a lot of fun!  This was also one of the coolest splash parks we had ever been to.












Then a few days later I got together with my friends C & B.  We met in junior high and have been close friends ever since!  Between the three of us we have 8 kids!



The babies :)

The Moms


The Moms


All the kids

It was a little hard to get their picture but at least they are all in it.


We also met up with a few other friends from high school for dinner and a movie.  That was fun and it was nice to catch up.


Do you still keep in touch with childhood friends?


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