Sunday Ramblings

Another Sunday. I love Sundays.  We usually go to church, sometimes go out for lunch, other times make lunch at home.  Today we made lunch at home because we are trying to be really good about not eating out.  Ben just needed to get new tires for his car so we are trying to be better about it.  I am planning a yummy meal for dinner too :)  We usually spend Sundays relaxing and cleaning up around the house.  I usually have laundry to put away too.

I have a lot of reading to do this next week.  I have a few book reviews plus all the books I want to read for just myself.  I am such a crazy reader but I love it.

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Started watching How I Met you Mother and I am hooked!  Just started season 5.  I love that on the show they are about my age.  They started college in 1996, I started it in 1997.  I can relate to so many of their flashbacks.  Such a funny show.  I am dying to know who the Mother is but I guess we all don’t get to find out until the very end?

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I also have a winner for the Kyle Sherman Album….

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Congrats to you Karen!

And fall really is here in Tennessee :)

Fall toddler


How has your Sunday been?

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  • Jenn

    Cute picture of J! His eyes are amazing!
    Jenn recently posted..Don’t be bashful, y’all know you deserve it

  • Cintia

    My Sunday’s been good! It’s the beginning of our vacation week! Just wanted to say I follow you and THANKS for sending some mad traffic to my blog somehow. {hugs}
    Cintia recently posted..My Weight Loss in 60 Seconds: Minimum