This too shall pass

Thor CostumeMy son Drew is 5.5 (almost 6 actually) and has Asperger’s. He was diagnosed last January but by then we already knew. He started ABA therapy right away. He started Kindergarten in August and it has been an interesting ride since then.

He will have 2-3 really awesome days in a row and then I will hear that he hit someone or had a big meltdown. It’s hard dealing with this because even though deep down I know that this is how it is going to be, after good days it is hard to hear he is having trouble.

This past week has been hard because of dealing with the school and making sure he is getting what he needs. It is a frustrating situation.

My friend called me yesterday and told me about a mom she met. This mom has a son who is about 15 and has Asperger’s. She talked to my friend about how when he was younger they would have the same type of issues with him. But now at 15? He is doing amazing. He gets good grades and even has a girlfriend. This isn’t the first time I have heard of older Asperger’s kids being successful. I am so thankful my friend told me about this women. It is a good reminder to me that someday this stage will be in the past.

I also can remind myself about the bus. The first month or so of school the bus was a big challenge. He would get on just fine one day and then have fit about it the next. Not easy to put your kid on the bus knowing he is fighting it the whole way. Now though? Now that we are almost three months into school he just gets right on. This morning he ran to the bus and got on with a big smile on his face.

For every issue we come up against I just have to believe we can get through it. It is just going to take a lot of time sometimes and a lot of frustration to get there.

His Asperger’s is never going to go away but these struggles we are having with him at age 5 probably will. Just like how the bus isn’t an issue for him anymore, some of the other stuff we are dealing with won’t be either.

The hardest part for me is feeling helpless and like I can’t fix it for him. That we have struggles and have to work through them. I am so thankful though that I have some amazing friends I can talk to about this when it gets hard. That I can always call my family and talk to them too. I am so thankful for all of that.

I really need to cling to the words, “This too shall pass.”

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  • Michele

    Glad thete was another mom to give you some encouragement. Not sure if you are familiar with the radio station Air1, but the dj Brant’s story may encourage you as well.

  • Leanne ( the mrs)

    Its one day at a time, appreciating the moments as they come. Good luck you sound like your doing Exactly what you feel is right!

  • Laura

    It sounds like you are going a great job in hard circumstances but there is something I read the other day that I wanted to share with you. I know that autism is something dreaded by parents but there are groups that now celebrate it in successful adults, there is an autism pride day and groups like aspergianpride. If you are ever feeling a little down about the whole thing take a look at these sites and resources and they might help you feel a little better!
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  • Sarah

    I know that the hard days must be so difficult. You are an awesome mommy and are his biggest support. He is going to be just fine with you by his side. God has great plans for him. Bigger and better than you can imagine.
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