On Turning 34

Turning 34

Last week I turned 34.  I have been thinking about if I really feel 34 or not.  Does 34 seem old?  Young?  Or just right? I realized that it just depends where I am.  Here at Ft.Campbell a lot of my friends are 27-28 years old.  Some even younger.  I don’t know too many people in their 30s like me.  That makes me feel old.  Talking about when we were in junior high and high school makes me feel old.  Knowing my husband is getting pretty close to 40 and others are not even 30 yet makes me feel old.

On the other hand, when I go home to California I am usually one of the younger ones in the group.  Everyone is either my age or older.  I think if I was around those people all the time I wouldn’t feel like 34 was old.

I have been married for a while, have three children and we own a home.  Although we are still trying to figure out our future, if it includes the Army or not, I feel pretty settled and in that way 34 fits.  I have been able to travel around Europe, live in three different states and two countries.  I feel like I have done a lot since I left my parent’s house at age 18.  In some ways that seems like a lifetime ago.  I am getting close to the point where I will have spent more years out of my parent’s house then in it.

So yes, 34 does work for me.  I am not going to stay 29 forever nor will I hide from my real age.  Although I have to admit, saying, “mid-30s” sounds a little weird right now.

Do you feel your own age?


P.S. Speaking of age, check out my newest post on Militaryfamily.com about Joining the Military at an Older Age :)

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  • Jen

    I don’t feel my age at all. I’m 27 but most of my friends are in their 30’s.

  • Kena

    When we first got to Campbell the first time(circa 2007-2009) majority of the wives I met were a little older, and I liked that. I feel like I have a old soul and don’t like the whole party/drink all the time scene. Closer to our time to PCS, I started meeting newer wives that were 18-19 years old(I was 21 when we PCS to Carson) and I felt awkward with them. Now at 25, I really feel weird seeing all the 18 year olds and really see myself with the older crowd even more.
    Kena recently posted..Potty Training.

  • http://mommafargo.blogspot.com/ Momma Fargo

    You don’t look your age at all! I don’t feel mine either. That is probably also reflected in my immaturity. LOL
    Momma Fargo recently posted..The Fargo Beat Down

  • http://lifeworkandpleasure.blogspot.dk Zuzana

    Dear Julie, age is but number.;) And it is very relative.;) When I celebrated 21, I felt old and wished not to grow older. When I turned 30, I thought I was SOOO old and looked back at 21 wishing I was right back there being so young. When I turned 40, I felt it was ridiculous I thought 30 was old.;) Now I am pushing 50 and man do I wish I was 40 again.;)
    But I take comfort in the notion that to some 70 years old, I am just a kid.:)
    So enjoy being 34, it is a wonderful age and I actually think the years between 30 to 40 were the best.;)
    Zuzana recently posted..Endings And Beginnings.

  • http://lifeworkandpleasure.blogspot.dk Zuzana

    Oh yes, and a happy belated birthday I should add.;)
    Zuzana recently posted..Endings And Beginnings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Wayeshome Twaye30

    I am 33 but i feel younger majority of the time. I guess that’s a good thing! I think alot of it has to do with my 2 kids (14 & 8)! They really keep me going! Especially my teenager!