Downton Abbey

I heard about Downton Abbey on social media and from my family way before I started watching it.  From the little I heard, I knew I would fall in a love.  So while my Mom was visiting a few weeks ago I started season 1.  I was hooked right away.  There is just something about this show.  I think it is a combination of the time period, the characters and the storyline.

Downton Abbey starts in 1912 England and is about the Lord and Lady Crawley, their three daughters, the servants who live in their house and the people they interact with.  This show isn’t just about the aristocratic family or the servants   It is about both.  And I think that is another reason why I like it so much.  There are some characters I just love and some I hate.  I really wish that there were 10 seasons of this show already out because I know once I catch up I am going to cry.    I am almost done with the second season.

Do you watch?

If you don’t get cable and want to watch, Netflix has season 1 and Hulu plus has season 2.  I believe Amazon Prime has season 2 as well.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest




Source: via Julie on Pinterest


The sisters



Lady Crawley

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  • Jhona O.

    I love this show! My husband really enjoys it, too. We look forward to watching it every Sunday evening. It’s so rare that we find something that we both enjoy so much.