There is something special about a Military Love

“I am so nervous. I have butterflies. He is so handsome standing there. I wonder what he is thinking? Will I say something silly? Why is he making me so nervous?”

Is this a young girl on her first date? No, it is a woman picking up her husband of 10 years from a month-long training. You see, there is something so magical about a Military marriage. You keep getting to relive moments you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Whenever my husband is gone for a few weeks or longer, I get nervous when I go pick him up. I am not sure why. It is like our first date all over again. I know he loves me as I love him but that time apart, just makes me act like that 22-year-old girl again.

I feel very lucky this Valentine’s Day. For the second year in a row my husband is with me. He isn’t far away in a desert fighting for our freedom or off at training preparing for a deployment. He is home. And we have a date tonight. I am giddy and excited about that. When was the last time we went out for Valentine’s Day? 2003? 2004? Maybe? I am thankful for a really good friend who offered to watch our boys tonight so we could go out.

In honor of today I found some sweet photos on Pinterest of Military love…enjoy 🙂

WWII couple

My Grandparents, WWII


Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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  • I agree. And for me there is nothing like that first night you get them back. It is awkward and exciting just like a first date.