Two Years, Four Months

Two years, four months.

That means he will be 2.5 in just about two months. Amazing!

My baby is growing up. He wants to play with Ninja turtles and Transformers. He wants to play at the park. He is saying more. He is learning more.

I look at him and think about how he is my last baby. The last kid to go through all these things. The last baby in our home. If we had some extra money I would buy him a twin bed. He has a nice toddler bed he still fits in but because he keeps sneaking into his older brother’s twin bed, I think he would do great in it.

I think we need to start potty training. He might be ready. He might not be. He isn’t telling me when he has to go but he does sometimes tell me that he is full or wants a change. I think that is a big first step for a little boy.

He is full on into the “no” stage and has also added, “uh-uh” when told it is nap time or that he can’t do certain things.
What a “fun” stage we are in.

At least he is cute and will keep us on our toes.











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  • So cute! And you are right that they grow up too fast, which makes it so hard to watch the last one growing up. I can barely believe we are getting close to my daughter’s first birthday, and it makes me sad because she’s my last one too.

  • Lili

    He is so cute!