Ready, Set, Deployment


We are getting closer to the deployment. I am not happy about it as things have changed so much. I am hoping that if he has to go, he leaves on a certain date as that would work best for our family. But when does Army stuff usually line up with that?

On the other hand I am ready to get this thing started. I am ready to be at the place where the months are going by and homecoming is right around the corner. I am read for this deployment to be in our past.

I am planning to focus on a few things while he is gone.

My Boys

My House

My Garden

My Books

My Writing

I think I will stay busy with all of those things. I like that I can do a lot of it at home. It will make it easier this summer with three boys. I also want to plan a lot of play-dates and park-dates. I need to find a regular babysitter so I can at least make it to book club once a month. I have a trip planned in July. We will be going to see a friend who is moving away from here soon and I will get to go to the Scentsy Family Reunion. I am not sure I will go home to California. I would like to but at the same time it will cost us a lot of money. I also know that as soon as I book a trip like that I will be worried about the flying part of it the whole time. I don’t need that stress. Plus I am really hoping we can take a long trip to California next summer after Ben gets out of the Army.


Who else is close to another deployment? What will you be focusing on?




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  • Barb

    Hi hon,
    I am so sorry you’re having to deal with this…the kids and husband too. It’s got to be one of the roughest things in the world, the many goodbyes, the unpredictability of the Army, the being apart for such long periods of time. It is good that you have things you will be able to focus on. Having a plan is always helpful, even in stressful situations. Well, actually especially in stressful situations. When I think back to the most painful trials in my life I find the ones I handled the best were the ones I had planned ahead for. I pray for our service men and women every day- for their families too. Feel free to email me any time if you need some extra TLC. I’m sure you have a wonderful support system, just offering a bit more should the need ever arise.
    Best wishes always.

  • Noel

    We’re not close to one, we’re currently in the middle of our “Asian Vacation,” as i’m lovingly (barf) calling it. I’m focusing on me, staying busy, making some DECENT friends (I somehow got an amazing start the week after he left, I can’t thank these girls enough), and travel. Oh, and finally finishing school.

  • Amber

    I’m going through one now. I’m focusing on my kids and my writing.

  • Jamie

    It’s so hard when the deployment is looming.

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