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I love taking photos of my boys doing whatever it is they are doing.  I haven’t been the best about having my camera with me all the time but I want to do more of it…especially with summer coming up.  I like to have my Tamron 28-75mm on my camera a lot of the time.  I do love my 85mm but I have to make sure we are going to be outside when I use it.  I also have been using my 50mm 1.8 a some of the time.  It is so much lighter than my other lenses.


At the Adventure Science Center before we went to the airport to fly to California.



We took my Dad to Ft. Defiance.  I love the view.



Grandpa with his Grandsons.  I love how your photos turn out like this…never can get all three smiling and just looking at the camera.



Brothers telling secrets.

Do you take a lot of photos of your family?


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WAHM of three boys, wife of 12 years, blogger, photography and book nerd.

  • http://www.mywholesomehome.com Rachel@MyWholesomeHome

    I take a TON of photos! It’s a combination (depending on activity) of my point and shoot and DSLR. My Hubby tells me it’s usually a picture overload. I just love capturing the memories.