Update on my Square Foot Garden

My Square Foot Garden is now about 3.5 weeks old. I decided to have my husband build me a second box so we have two now. All but two of the squares are filled. I am saving those last two for jalapenos (which I might have started too late) and Jericho lettuce which is starting to grow and I can transplant soon.


Square Foot Gardening


This is what we are growing right now...

Carrots- 3 squares full. One square is about two weeks behind the other two.

Carrots in a square foot garden


Radishes-These came up fast. They do look a little sad after all the rain we have had. I am not sure why that is why they look that way.

Radishes in the square foot garden


Peas-2 squares. I was trying to find out a good way for them to have a trellis. I made a mistake and one of the boxes is not on the side.

Peas in a Square Foot Garden


Corn-2 squares. This is more for the boys and I realized too late that if I want to see any actual corn I need to pretty much plant a full box full or it. So we are just going to see what happens.

Corn in the Square Foot Garden


Broccoli- We started these from a seed and have two planted. I have a few other seedlings that have grown that I am not sure what I will do with.

Broccoli in a square foot garden


Lettuce-2 squares. Hoping to time it right when it comes to harvesting it. I heard if you wait too long then you will get a very bitter tasting lettuce.



Sunflowers- Just one square and then some in pots.


Marigolds- Good at keeping the bugs away I have heard.

Small Pumpkins- 2 squares. They have started to sprout up.

Small pumpkins

Small watermelons- 2 squares. Nothing yet.

Cucumbers- 1 square, just planted last week.

Bell Peppers- Started from seed. Filled 2 squares.

Tomatoes- I bought one plant that was already growing and started the rest from seeds. Will have one in a pot and 5 boxes full.


Poppies- Planting these just for fun!

Onions- started these from seed and just put them in the ground. Not so sure about these.

Strawberries- I bought a plant and so far every time I get a new strawberry a bird or something else eats it šŸ™

Herb garden- I have a little herb garden going. Basil, Cilantro & Rosemary.

Random Flowers- We also planted Morning Glories, Cosmos, Pansies and a couple other types. Not sure what we will get but it has been fun!

As you can see we are trying a lot. We have already learned so much about planting and growing. I get so excited checking on my plants everyday. I usually do it three times a day if I am home.

I also am trying to figure out how to do a milk jug watering system.

milk jug watering system

What have you been growing in your garden?



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  • I would love to have a garden, but we live in the southwest desert. Everything dies from overheat. Loved looking at yours though!

  • ABE

    We have carrots, zucchini, onions, yellow squash, tomatoes, jalapeƱos, bell peppers, cantaloupe, basil, cherry tomatoes, string beans, and more zucchini!

  • Your garden looks great! If you pick the strawberries when they're still a little white, they'll continue to ripen from the safety of inside your house. We also put a pinwheel in our strawberry container to keep birds away. We've got squash, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, lettuce, cilantro, parsley, and strawberries right now.

  • love it! I feel like such an lazy compared to you! It looks great.

  • Good luck with your square foot gardening. When we were first experimenting with gardening on our rooftop we did square foot. Tomatoes grow pretty decent in it!