Don’t Blink

Don’t blink…because if you do…


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Grows into this…



And this…

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Turns into this…



And no matter what you do or how hard you try, this…



Becomes this…



It really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I had two in diapers trying to survive a deployment alone in Germany. It goes by fast. It is true what they say, the days are long…sometimes way too long but the years are short. My oldest is going to be NINE in just a couple of months. NINE! How did that happen? We are almost to pre-teen years.

My baby is almost 2.5. He is slowly becoming a little boy. Before I know it he will be off to kindergarten himself.

There is nothing you can do to slow down time. Just make the best of the years that you have with your kids. They will grow up, faster than you think.

So if you are sitting there in the middle of the night with a little five month old who won’t sleep…just remember that 5 month old will be 5 years old before you know it.

If you are in the middle of the sixth toddler tantrum of the day, just remember that little toddler will be in 1st grade before you know it.

If you are struggling with potty training, don’t worry…your kid will get it and before you know it you won’t have anything to do with their bathroom needs.

As much as I want to get through certain stages, I have to remind myself that time moves quickly. That my children will never be little again. That someday my youngest will be 18 and leaving for college. So I try hard to cherish every stage, even the yucky ones. Because childhood goes by too fast. It really does.


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  • You have adorable boys! I can’t wait to have kids, and cherish every single moment (well maybe not explosive poops, or sore boobs, but most moments!).

  • I think this to myself all the time. I often even hear the song play through my head when I look around and suddenly realize a whole lotta life just happened really fast. What a blessing to watch it all happen though.