Saturday Ramblings Deployment Edition


Well…here we are…2.5 weeks into this thing. This past week has been a little interesting and this post is going to be a little random.

* If you play Candy Crush, you have to read THIS… So true and so funny. I am so addicted to that game. I have not spent a penny on it and hopefully never will. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it.

* The two older boys went to VBS this past week. It went so well. I was a little shocked. My son actually wanted to go each day and did great. There are other VBS weeks at other churches but they all seem to be at night. That doesn’t work so well for me but we will see.

* My husband called when the boys were awake but only my 8-year-old really talked to him.

* This week felt less crazy and more “deployment normal” if that makes sense. Still not there yet. Still kinda feel like I got hit in the stomach or slapped in the face or something like that. I know as the days go on things will feel better. Not really good but just better. The first and last months of the deployment are always the hardest for me.

* Starting to think about what I want to plant in my fall garden. I really want to do try corn again. I tried it in the spring only to have most of it die and the one surviving one get pulled out by an animal. Plus I realized I did not plant enough of it in the first place.

* The only thing I like about a deployment is that I do get the bed all to myself and I can stay up as late as I want watching tv. It is my true downtime in the craziness of little boys and working from home. So far I have watched the show Awake and Downton Abbey Season Three. I loved Awake and said it only lasted one season. I finished Downton Abbey very quickly but there were only 9 episodes.

* Nothing like a deployment to remind me that I hate cooking. I do it because I can’t eat out every night but I really don’t like it. I need to find some yummy meals online and plan for them. That seems to help.

* I want to change the upstairs rooms around. It is going to be a project but something I want to do. We will see how it goes.

* I am really really looking forward to the fall. I already know my schedule. I will have two full days to work, one day to grocery shop and then two days with the 2.5 year old being home with me. It should be nice. As long as the start of 1st grade goes well.

* I would love to have your vote as one of the Top 25 Military Moms blogs… you don’t have to be a Circle of Moms Member and you can vote once a day 🙂

How is your summer going?



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  • I feel the same way about the bed when Sky’s gone. I try to remember there are always a few good things about being apart, even if they’re small.

  • Hang in there, you will find your deployment groove soon.

  • Ah, LOVE Downton Abbey! Season 1 was my alternate reality during the last leg of the first deployment, when things were the toughest. (After his rollover accident/TBI diagnosis.)

  • Ah deployments. I’m a little ahead of you, 3 weeks in, but it already feels like forever. Can’t wait for it to be over.