Fourth Of July

Well our Fourth of July was probably the most low-key one we have had…ever. It rained almost the whole day. I did make a nice lunch which almost all the boys ate. That was nice. We got Fourth of July cupcakes to celebrate and I got to talk to Ben for a bit.

At night we went outside and got treated to a nice firework show right from our own backyard. This still amazes me because fireworks were banned where I am from.

I let the boys stay up late to watch and they all loved it!

I kept reminding myself that next year would be a lot better. That Ben should be with us and we can celebrate as a whole  family. We are also done with holidays until Halloween. I just hate the holidays…any holiday without my husband. I try to make the best of them but they are just not the same.

Tomorrow is the one month mark of this stupid deployment. It feels good to know we have made it a whole month now. Being that the 1st month is the hardest…hopefully it will get a little easier for us in the days and weeks ahead.

How was your 4th of July?
















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  • Those are fabulous shots of the fireworks! Nice that they were able to be shot off even though it rained.

  • lindsey

    Sorry it was such a bummer of a day. We’re praying for Ben. We will do something fun when we’re there, ok? To take your mind off of the Big D