11 Years, 7 Homes

download (15)We have been married 11 years. It seems like we just celebrating our 4th anniversary. Yet here we are. Married over a decade.

During the last 11 years we have lived in seven different homes.

The first was a tiny one-bedroom apartment that really was best for one person but somehow we made it work. Although it was nice to move somewhere a bit bigger.

After a year there we moved to a two-bedroom townhouse right next door to one of my best friends. We lived there for about a year and 10 months. That was the place where we became parents. That was the place I walked the hall at 3 am with a crying newborn. It was the place where Ben and I became “Mommy” and “Daddy” and our world changed.

We moved from that place across the country to Lexington, KY where we found a two-bedroom to rent that was half the price of the one in California. Ben lived there about 7 months, Daniel and I lived there about a year. That was the place where I learned how frustrating the Army can be. Where I cried my first tears about being away from Ben. Where my child became a toddler. Where he learned to walk and say his first words.

After 4.5 months of waiting Daniel and I were finally able to join Ben in Germany. We were in a 3rd floor Stairwell two-bedroom apartment. I got pregnant with Drew the day I got there. This is the place I started my first deployment. It is where I prayed my heart out that he would return home to me after a long 15 months. It is where I went from being a mom of one to a mom of two. It was not fun being on the 3rd floor when I was pregnant and my husband was gone. Not fun at all. I pretty much had to have a rule for myself that I could only go up and down those stairs once a day. It was too much to do it more than that. Luckily we were one of the few apartments with a washer and dryer in our home.

After two years, two months in Schweinfurt we moved to Graf. We got to have a very nice, very brand new four-bedroom duplex. The minute I stepped in it I cried. It was amazing and compared to what we had in Schweinfurt it was like a castle. It had three stories and was very German looking. I still remember opening the windows and feeling the breeze come in during the spring and fall. I would go on walks around the village with my best friend. This is the place where I got back into photography. It is where I took pictures everyday and taught myself a lot about how to shoot. We went through our second deployment here.

After 1 year and 10 months we moved to Ft.Campbell and back to the United States. I had it in my head we would find an amazing house to rent. After years of living in German places I was ready for an American home. We did find a rental but it had a lot of issues. As much as I disliked that house it did hold some memories for me. That was the house we lived in when my oldest started kindergarten. It was where we brought our third baby home to and where we got through our 3rd deployment. It was the place where we lost power for 36 hours when Ben was overseas.

After 18 months at that rental we were able to buy our first house. We painted almost every room the colors we wanted and moved right in. This is the place we are now and we are almost at the two-year mark. I know we will be here at least another year. Then I am not sure what we will do. We could stay in it for years and years or we could move on to our next adventure.

Every home we have lived in has been different and has held different memories for us over the last 11 years.

Do you remember every home you have lived in?


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  • I love the stories you share with each home, what great things to remember. Congratulations on 11 years, I look forward to saying that someday :).

  • Ah yes. Not as many military moves but we’ve moved 8 times in our 8 years of marriage. Where we are now is the longest we’ve been in one spot. 2 whole years in October! From the mice infested trailer our first year to the 3 bedroom house we’re buying now…I do indeed remember every. single. place. The good and the bad.

  • Yup, I do still remember all of our homes!

    Happy 11 years!

  • Aislinn

    I loved living in Graf, the houses there were amazing!!!