Deployment Update: Almost Four Months In

download (18)My post for Everyone Serves for Blue Star Families will be a deployment update!

It has been almost four months since I saw my husband in person. Four months since we kissed goodbye. Four months since we did anything as a normal family.

Things are going a lot better for me. I am not super sad all the time like I was. I don’t think it is just because my parents are visiting. While I am super happy they are here and they are really helping, I think I am just in a better place overall because I am more used to the deployment. I think it also helps to know that he could be back by OPSEC*  And if they are back by then I will be very happy. Of course with all things related to the end of  deployment, dates can always change and usually do. But I am all about hope this deployment. And knowing that he *could* be home by OPSEC* is enough for me to get through each day.

I really don’t have a lot of plans after my parents go back home and I am okay with that. We have fall break, Thanksgiving break and Christmas break to get through. When school is in session my goals are working on my blog, my writing, Scentsy and organizing the house. I think that will all keep me very busy.

The kids are doing ok. I can tell my oldest is missing his Daddy. I think he is just so used to him being gone off and on that he just accepts it as a part of his life. However,  he is still sad about it sometimes. We have been able to Skype a couple of times this month which has been nice for all of us, even if the connection has been bad. We are almost two months into the school year now. Trying to get a good homework routine down. It is easier than it was the first few weeks. I can’t tell you how nice it will be to have Ben home to help with that.

Everyone Serves also has some great ideas for children going through a deployment and I have gotten some good information from reading it.

Is your spouse deployed too? How are you doing with it?

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* Not allowed to tell you the real time frame because of OPSEC.

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