Just A Simple Doctor Who Birthday Party

Just A Simple Doctor Who Birthday Party

My son turned nine so we gave him a little birthday party. My parents were in town so we invited a few friends, ordered pizza and had some cake.

This year I was going for simple. I asked my son what kind of party he wanted to have and he said, “Doctor Who.” This made me very happy. I love that he loves Doctor Who like I do but there was an issue with having a Doctor Who birthday party. I couldn’t just go to my local party store and get everything. If I wanted to go all out I would have to pay a lot online for the stuff or be super creative.

Now I don’t want to knock anyone that can get super creative with birthday parties. I just don’t really have it in me. I see what people can do, but this year I wanted simple and I wanted to keep it inexpensive.

This is what I ended up doing.

I went to my local bookstore and bought some Tardis lights. Yes they were more than I wanted to pay but I figured we could put them up in my son’s room after the party. My friend makes cakes so she made a Tardis birthday cake for him. I also got blue plates, napkins, cups and all of that.

The kids came, played, had cake, watched him open gifts and then left with a small goody bag.

It was lovely and a lot less stress for me.

















Do you like to go all out for birthday parties or would you rather keep them more simple?

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  • Anonymous

    Cute! Looks like they all had a blast!
    Yeah, whenever I plan parties, I like to keep them simple, and on a budget too. Going all out is way too much of an expense for me, and super stressful.
    Oh, and by the way, LOVE that TARDIS cake!