The End of A Deployment



The End of A DeploymentIt is almost, but not quite time for us to enter the “end of the deployment” stage. I hate this stage so much. You never really know what is going on. You feel like you have 4,000 things to do and you just want the deployment to be over and it isn’t quite ready to end yet.

At the same time, being at the end of a deployment is the best! Homecoming is so close you can feel it. You think about all the things you will do once he gets home. You buy your homecoming outfit. You book your photographer. You start planning to bring your spouse back into your life.

But time moves slowly and that is the hard part.

I am determined to not let the end of the deployment get to me this time. I don’t want to feel like I have felt every other time. I don’t like it and when I look back on it, I feel silly. Once you have a date, they will be making their way home. It might take some time. It might take longer than you want it to. There might be frustration along the way. But they will make it home.

For our second deployment my husband left with enough time to get home before Halloween. It was going to be perfect. Another group left after his did. They got home Halloween morning. We still had no word when my husband would be home. IT DROVE ME CRAZY! His group had ended up getting stuck somewhere for a few days. He made it home November 1st. In the end it was fine. It was just one day later than we thought.

So as I look ahead to this homecoming I am going to try to remind myself about all of this. That he will make it home. That we will be together again soon. That this will all be over and a part of our past before we know it.

Until then I will be counting down the days, working on my homecoming list and getting very excited about what is to come 🙂

Anyone else wrapping up a deployment in the next few months? How are you feeling?

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  • Miranda Pridgeon

    Homecomings are great but they can also be so nerve wracking! I remembered the closer the time got the ore nervous and scared I got. We were only engaged at the time so I was new to the whole thing and didn’t know what to expect when he got back home. Everything worked out though and I am so happy you have a homecoming so soon!

  • We thought we were nearing the end of the deployment last weekend (like, within the next month!) but things have drastically changed….we are now ALMOST at the halfway point. The hardest part for me is not knowing what’s happening, but now things have become a bit more stable.