The Pressure to Have a Perfect Christmas

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The perfect amount of Christmas gifts, the perfect Elf on the Shelf spots, the perfect Christmas meal, perfect amount of advent activities, Pinterest worthy decorations, etc, etc, etc. It goes on an on and makes you think you are lacking in some way. Why does it seem like there is so much pressure to have a… Read More »

If I Had To Do It All Over Again


I have been a mom now for over 10 years. 2004 was the year that changed everything. I first became pregnant in January and had a little boy the end of September. I was 25 and hand a handful of friends who already had kids. My sister-in-law already had three girls and my husband’s cousins… Read More »

Five Toys For School Aged Boys

Power Ranger Keys

  Christmas is coming and it is also birthday season in our house. We have one boy with the birthday the end of September, one in November and one about 10 days before Christmas. We get through all the birthdays, then have Christmas and then can rest a bit. So with all the birthdays and… Read More »

Potty Training Stubborn Boys and Living To Tell About It

potty training sucks

It’s done. It is finished. After almost 10 years of diapers, my boys are potty trained. Still working on nights, but that can take a while. I am so happy to be here. Not only do we get to save about $50 a month but I no longer have to change diapers. YAY! What a… Read More »

Halloween Week


  Halloween week! Yay! I love Halloween. I have so many good memories of it growing up and I enjoy making memories with our own kids. Daniel’s first Halloween was when he was just one month old. We dressed him up in a little pumpkin outfit and visited a few friends at different church festivals.… Read More »

Parenting Without Feeling Guilty


It is hard to be a parent without feeling guilty at some point. It starts when you are pregnant and never really goes away. For some reason we all want to be the perfect parent. We don’t want to make any mistakes. We want to do it all right and we don’t want to be… Read More »

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