Paris, War and the Military Spouse

Paris, War and the Military Spouse Paris was attacked on Friday. This was big news. I found out on social media which is where I find out about most worldly events, I am not a big tv news watcher. I started seeing people posting photos of visits to Paris and that we should pray for… Read More »

Lil’ Troops Review And Giveaway

*I was sent some of these toys for review.  Have you ever heard of Lil’ Troops collectible sets? I had the chance to review these two sets. Lil’ Troops are the ultimate collectible military action figures officially licensed by the U.S. Army.  Each figure stands at 3″ tall and comes with a non-violent accessory such as the American flag, night vision goggles, or… Read More »

Keeping You And Your Military Family Safe

Keeping You And Your Military Family Safe  As a part of a Military family I am aware of the chance of identity theft. It has happened to us in the past as well as finding out that one of our bank accounts was compromised. When someone steals from you it can feel surreal like it… Read More »

Why Military Spouses Can’t Just Put Down Their Smart Phone

Why Military Spouses Can’t Just Put Down Their Smart Phone If you are on social media at all you know that there are quite a few articles going around about being on our cell phones too much. How we need to put them down, hide them, ignore them. While there is some good advice there,… Read More »

The Veteran’s Wife

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” —Elmer Davis   I became a Veteran’s wife the day I got married, although it didn’t mean as much back then. My husband was not Active Duty at that time and the Army was a… Read More »

Share Your Hair And Support The Military With #ShareBeauty and Suave

Do you ever struggle with knowing how to do your hair each day? I know I do. A lot of times I find myself putting it up in a pony tail or bun. Boring I know but it is quick and easy. I think a lot of that is just being a busy work at… Read More »

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