On Having a Natural Birth

On having a natural birth

I know talking about birth methods can be complicated. There is a lot of passion on both sides on which way is the correct way to give birth to a little human.  A lot of people assume that in today’s world the only way to do it is to have a medicated birth. That there is no… Read More »

Sunday Weekly Blog Post Wrap Up {1}

Sunday weekly Blog Post Wrap Up

  How was your week? Anything exciting happen? I am going to start talking about the week every Sunday highlighting my own posts and the great posts I found this past week out in blog land I started off the week with a review of the book, My Daddy is a Soldier by Brittany Mayfield. It… Read More »

Photography: Day at an Austrian Zoo

Zoo in Austria

In 2009 we spent Spring break in Austria visiting a friend of mine. She tooks us all over. The first place we went to a zoo. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see a different type of zoo then we were used to.

Taste Guru Monthly Box Review

taste guru monthly box

  Monthly boxes! I love them! You can get them for a variety of products. As a Taste Guru Ambassador, I was able to review the most recent Taste Guru box full of yummy foods. The theme of Taste Guru is the best and most interesting gluten free products. Whether you need to eat Gluten free… Read More »

7 Activities You Can Do With Your Kids When Your Spouse Isn’t Home On The Weekend

How to stay busy on the weekend

  When my husband is gone during the work week, it is usually fine. Unless I have a really bad day or something like that, I can usually get through it with out a lot crying or feeling too lonely. I am pretty busy with the boys, work and the house. I can feel as… Read More »

Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?

Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?

  I am not sure that everything happens for a reason. I used to think that. That every little thing had a purpose. I don’t anymore. I think some things can happen for a reason or that we can make good out of bad. I think it is lovely when people can do this from… Read More »

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