7 Reasons Why I Love Having Friends Whose Husbands Are In The Military

Army Wife Friends

    Friends!!! We all need them and it has been such a great thing to have been able to make friends with so many other Military wives over the years. They have helped me to see that I am not alone and that other wives have gone through similar situations over the years. They can be a huge… Read More »

5 Myths about Social Media

Myths about Social Media

  Social media! What would we do without it? It is everywhere and everyone is using it. Some people are on it more than others. Some use just one platform and others on are every single one you can sign up for. I remember when I first got on social media. It was Myspace. After… Read More »

Life in my 30s Vs Life in my 20s

download (7)

36 is right around the corner. Sometimes I wonder how I got to be that old. I will be turning the big 40 in just a couple of years. I still remember when my Dad turned 40. I was only about five years old but my mom planned a big surprise party for him. They… Read More »

Downtime and Why It Is So Important

Why downtime is important

Downtime, some might joke, “what is that?” I get it. Life is busy. Super busy. If you are a parent, a stay at home mom, working from home or  working outside the home, life is busy. You are going from one place to the next. You don’t have time for everything you want to do.… Read More »

What To Do When Faced With A Really Bad Deployment

What To Do When Faced With A Really Bad Deployment

  There is never such a thing as a good deployment. I don’t think very many spouses jump for joy when they hear the news their soldier will have to deploy. There is a lot of sadness that comes with the news. However, in my experience there can be deployments and there can be really bad… Read More »

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Sugar Cookies

Last week I decided to try Royal icing again to make Thanksgiving cookies to bring to my friend’s house. I had the turkey cookie cutter and also wanted to use my square one. I planned to make turkeys and the squares would say “give thanks.” I started with a yummy cookie recipe. I hear that… Read More »

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