A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

For 4 long years I saw lots of pictures from my friends in the US go to fun pumpkin patches.  I couldn’t wait to take my own kids once we moved back here.

So today we went to one with a few other families.  We went to River View Mounds Century Farm.  We got there right at 10 which I am glad we did.  It didn’t get too busy until about 11 or 11:30.  We let the kids play on all the stuff they had, went on a hayride, did the corn maze and just had a great day out.  I wanted to try to stay until 2 but my pregnant self gave up at about 1:30.  But I noticed the boys were in a good place to leave at that time so it all worked out.

 20101016-IMG_6451 20101016-IMG_6462 20101016-IMG_6488 20101016-IMG_650120101016-IMG_6067 20101016-IMG_6509

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