Should You Live On Post During A Deployment?

One question a lot of people have is if it is better to live on post during a deployment or not. Most Military families know that a deployment or even a time of separation is in their future. They have to ask themselves what would be best. I think that question is a hard one… Read More »

Can Deployments Make A Marriage Stronger?

We have all heard about how deployments can cause divorce. How the stress of going through it all can cause people to break up. But can deployments make a marriage stronger? I think in our case they have. We have been through three of them. Each one has been hard it its own way. They were… Read More »

I Could Never Do It

Most military wives hate it when people say, “I could never do what you do.”   Or “I could never do it” when it comes to a deployment or time away from our husbands.  I think the reason we hate it so much is because there was a time we didn’t think we could do… Read More »

Can I Really Make it Through This Deployment?

I was looking through some of the keywords that people use to come to this blog and “Can I Really Make it Through This Deployment?” came up a few times.  I want to tell these people that although it does seem hard, you can make it through.  The time before they leave can be really difficult.… Read More »

Guest Post: Advice For Your First Deployment

My next guest post is by a friend of mine, Jess.  She was the very first Army wife I met when we started this Army adventure. She was also my FRG leader.  I asked her to write about advice she would give someone who was getting ready for their first deployment.  Our first deployment was… Read More »

The Good, the Sad and the Really Bad : Days During a Deployment

I seem to be able to fit the days during a deployment into three categories.  Some days I feel good.  Things seem to work out.  We follow our routine and although I always miss my husband I feel like I can get through it all just fine.  Then I have my sad days.  The ones… Read More »

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