Should You Live On Post During A Deployment?

One question a lot of people have is if it is better to live on post during a deployment or not. Most Military families know that a deployment or even a time of separation is in their future. They have to ask themselves what would be best. I think that question is a hard one… Read More »

Can Deployments Make A Marriage Stronger?

We have all heard about how deployments can cause divorce. How the stress of going through it all can cause people to break up. But can deployments make a marriage stronger? I think in our case they have. We have been through three of them. Each one has been hard it its own way. They were… Read More »

I Could Never Do It

Most military wives hate it when people say, “I could never do what you do.”   Or “I could never do it” when it comes to a deployment or time away from our husbands.  I think the reason we hate it so much is because there was a time we didn’t think we could do… Read More »

Can I Really Make it Through This Deployment?

I was looking through some of the keywords that people use to come to this blog and “Can I Really Make it Through This Deployment?” came up a few times.  I want to tell these people that although it does seem hard, you can make it through.  The time before they leave can be really difficult.… Read More »

Guest Post: Advice For Your First Deployment

My next guest post is by a friend of mine, Jess.  She was the very first Army wife I met when we started this Army adventure. She was also my FRG leader.  I asked her to write about advice she would give someone who was getting ready for their first deployment.  Our first deployment was… Read More »

The Good, the Sad and the Really Bad : Days During a Deployment

I seem to be able to fit the days during a deployment into three categories.  Some days I feel good.  Things seem to work out.  We follow our routine and although I always miss my husband I feel like I can get through it all just fine.  Then I have my sad days.  The ones… Read More »

Counting Down During a Deployment

Well my countdown has begun!  Everyday I wake up is a day closer to the end of the deployment.  But just looking at 1 huge number is not that helpful. Every deployment I have made my own “Countdown Page.”  On it I write down everything fun or exciting that I am looking forward to.  From… Read More »

What is so good about a deployment anyway?

So we all know deployments suck.  When we find out our husband has to deploy we usually are not surprised, he is in the military after all.  But how do you stay positive?  Especially when you know they will be leaving soon, see them packing and just feel so sad about them getting ready to… Read More »

Getting Through Your Deployment

I have gotten a few emails recently about how to get through a deployment.  So I figured I would do a blog post about it. When I finally know when my husband is going to deploy, I start making some plans on how to deal with it and get through it.  I make lists.  Lists… Read More »

Me Time when your Husband is deployed

  One question I tend to get asked by my non-military friends is, “Do you ever get any time to yourself during the deployment?”  And my answer is “Yes!”   My husband has been home from Iraq 3 months as of tomorrow.  It has been awesome!  Sometimes the deployment seems like it was such a… Read More »

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