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My Square Foot Garden Five Weeks In

My square foot garden is 5 weeks old. I have seen so much growth it is crazy! I have amazed myself and I really can’t believe that I have been able to grow stuff. I thought I had such a black thumb.

I keep wanting to plant more stuff. It is getting a little too much so I think I am good for a while.

Square foot gardening

I have 2 4×4 beds. I then added 2 more squares using some wood from Home Depot. Then, my neighbor offered me another box he was just going to throw away. So I added that. We also have a bunch of pots and I will have to get a few more for my flowers that I am growing.

I think I am good until it is time to get ready for a fall harvest. Yes I am going to be crazy and try to grow stuff past the summer. Been reading some blogs and some people have even been able to grow stuff through the snow. I figure it will be a fun project to work on, especially if my husband is deployed…which is totally up in the air right now but that is another post all together.

In the last week I planted some green beans which I saw popping up this morning :) I also went a little crazy with strawberries. I bought some transplants but not sure how good they were. I also bought some Alpine Strawberry seeds. I have some in the boxes and some in pots. We will see what happens.

Here are some photos of the garden 5 weeks in-

Square Foot Gardening

My carrots. I love watching them grow. I hope something is going on below.


Square Foot Gardening

My corn, which might not do so well. We will see.


Peas in the Square Foot Garden

I love my peas. They are so cute wrapping themseleves on the trellis I have provided.



My cute little garden helper.



Some of the strawberry transplants I bought. We will see. Not sure if they will do well or not.



My tomato plant. I bought this as a transplant back in April. We have about 10 tomatoes in various stages on this plant. I am so excited for them to be ready so we can eat them :) The ones I planted from seed are not doing too well. I started them too late and planted them in the ground too early. One of them died so I bought another transplant to take its place. I have 4 left that will hopefully grow.



My husband’s palm tree. He talked about wanting one and I saw one at Home Depot so I got it for him. He is happy.

I spend a little bit of time each day reading gardening blogs and forums. I feel like I learn a little bit more as time goes on. I have already made a few mistakes but that is okay. I have a lifetime to get it right.

What is growing in your garden?


Update on my Square Foot Garden

My Square Foot Garden is now about 3.5 weeks old. I decided to have my husband build me a second box so we have two now. All but two of the squares are filled. I am saving those last two for jalapenos (which I might have started too late) and Jericho lettuce which is starting to grow and I can transplant soon.


Square Foot Gardening


This is what we are growing right now…

Carrots- 3 squares full. One square is about two weeks behind the other two.

Carrots in a square foot garden


Radishes-These came up fast. They do look a little sad after all the rain we have had. I am not sure why that is why they look that way.

Radishes in the square foot garden


Peas-2 squares. I was trying to find out a good way for them to have a trellis. I made a mistake and one of the boxes is not on the side.

Peas in a Square Foot Garden


Corn-2 squares. This is more for the boys and I realized too late that if I want to see any actual corn I need to pretty much plant a full box full or it. So we are just going to see what happens.

Corn in the Square Foot Garden


Broccoli- We started these from a seed and have two planted. I have a few other seedlings that have grown that I am not sure what I will do with.

Broccoli in a square foot garden


Lettuce-2 squares. Hoping to time it right when it comes to harvesting it. I heard if you wait too long then you will get a very bitter tasting lettuce.



Sunflowers- Just one square and then some in pots.


Marigolds- Good at keeping the bugs away I have heard.

Small Pumpkins- 2 squares. They have started to sprout up.

Small pumpkins

Small watermelons- 2 squares. Nothing yet.

Cucumbers- 1 square, just planted last week.

Bell Peppers- Started from seed. Filled 2 squares.

Tomatoes- I bought one plant that was already growing and started the rest from seeds. Will have one in a pot and 5 boxes full.


Poppies- Planting these just for fun!

Onions- started these from seed and just put them in the ground. Not so sure about these.

Strawberries- I bought a plant and so far every time I get a new strawberry a bird or something else eats it :(

Herb garden- I have a little herb garden going. Basil, Cilantro & Rosemary.

Random Flowers- We also planted Morning Glories, Cosmos, Pansies and a couple other types. Not sure what we will get but it has been fun!

As you can see we are trying a lot. We have already learned so much about planting and growing. I get so excited checking on my plants everyday. I usually do it three times a day if I am home.

I also am trying to figure out how to do a milk jug watering system.

milk jug watering system

What have you been growing in your garden?



Square Foot Gardening

So last spring and summer I did a little planting. I grew some tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers. I got lazy and let everything die. I told myself I was a brown thumb and wasn’t going to plant anything this year. We had to go to Lowes for some mulch for my husband’s roses. I decided to pick up a few things to plant and we headed home. That night I got online and started reading about the best way to garden. Then I found this…

Square Foot Gardening

From Frugal Dad!

I could do that…my husband could help. We could make this during the week he has off. No big deal and only $50.

So we head to Lowe’s. We were able to find the screws, line, peat moss, compost and seeds (just bought what I wanted to plant.) They were out of Vermiculite and their saw was broken. My husband suggested he buy his own saw…with great big puppy dog eyes. We thought about it but then when they were out of the Vermiculite and I knew we had to go somewhere else anyway, we decided not to. We ended up going to Home Depot for the cut boards but they also had no Vermiculite. I got online and found out Vermiculite is hard to get. Home Depot has it on their site but they will charge you a lot for shipping. The bags itself are not that expensive but after shipping I was going to have to spend over $50 just for what I needed. Some stores in Nashville and I knew I could call around local nurseries but I really didn’t want to do that.

My husband was able to built the bed for me just fine.


But I still had the problem with the Vermiculite. Now I know I didn’t 100% need it. I read up on some forums. Some people said you had to have it, others said you didn’t. I decided to check the Lowe’s site because I knew they carried it too but the local Lowe’s was out. Turns out the other Lowe’s in Clarksville had 12 bags of it. Yay! So we took a family trip to the other side of town and I bought my Vermiculite.

On Saturday morning I got everything together, mixed up my soil and started planting. I did end up having to buy more compost as what I had did not fill up my bed. I made sure to buy a different kind as I have heard mixing different types together is a good idea.

I have a cute Gardening helper too. He is really into planting. He says he will help me with everything but the lettuce because they are growing it at school.


We decided we are going to plant all sorts of things this year. It would be awesome if everything grew but knowing how brown my thumb really is, we will see. I think most of the fun will be in trying.  Plus it will give me something to focus on during the deployment.  Right now I go out every morning to tend to things.  It isn’t a lot right now but I know it will get more busy as things grow.

We have some seeds started in the garden and some we have started in little boxes that we will transplant later.

My son also wants to plant an apple tree. From what I have heard these take a really long time. So if we are successful, we might see fruit by around the time he is 12 :D Like I said, the fun will be in trying.

I am finding that there is a lot of good information out there on the Internet about gardening. Google is very helpful. I am also learning a lot from The Square Foot Gardening Forum and My Square Foot Garden.


What are you planting this season? Do you have a square foot garden?


* If you are Military both Lowe’s and Home Depot have a 10% Military discount.

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