On Loving to Travel and the Places I Have Been

On Loving to Travel and the Places I Have BeenOn Loving to Travel and the Places I Have Been

I love to travel.  I think it is in my blood.  My mom and dad both loved to travel and did a lot of it before they met and then in the early years of their marriage.  I am not sure what happened but growing up we only ever went to AZ (to see my Grandparents) or Northern California.  I am not sure why that was.  Maybe they just didn’t want to travel much with kids?  When I was 10 we went with my mom to NM for a family wedding.  When I was 16 they took us to Colorado and then when I was 19 my mom and I took a 3.5 week long trip to Washington DC, KY, IN and PA.  When I was 21 I got to go to Hawaii for the first time.

I got married to my husband at 23 and really thought that I wouldn’t travel much after that.  That I would look at my single friends as they went around the world and be at home with children dreaming of a fun trip we might take after retirement.  Then at 26 my husband joined the Army and all that changed!

The military can send you to some amazing places. My husband was given a choice and went with Europe. At the time we left for Germany, I had no idea how much I would be able to see in the years we were going to be there but I knew that we would get to see more than we ever had before.

Because of our time in Germany I have also been to Austria, The Czech Republic, Amsterdam & the Netherlands, Garmisch and we have already booked our Mediterranean cruise in a couple of months.  I have made stop overs in Spain and Newfoundland. Sometimes I am just amazed that I have been able to see so much. By the time my son starts Kindergarten,  he will have been to 10 countries.  

My first outing in Germany was April of 2006 to the town of Bamburg 🙂  I love these towns and villages. They have so many similarities but they also have their own charms. Here are just a couple of shots from that trip:

Here are just a couple of shots from that trip:

Do you like to travel
Churches are just amazing here.  I just can’t get over them!

Do you like to travel
Love love love these types of towns!

Do you like to travel
LOVE the old.  The city I grew up in was founded in 1971.  The 70s!  It is only 38 years old and here I am walking streets that have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years! What a difference! 

As I look to the years ahead I hope to travel as many places as I can. Having small children and a limited budget makes that harder but not impossible. Traveling opens up your eyes and your mind to other ways of living and other ways of being a human being. Traveling will grow you as a person in ways you might not even think are possible.

Where do you plan to travel to in the next year???

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