Another Military Homecoming

military homecoming
Military Homecoming
As I am getting ready for Homecoming 2009 I can’t help but think back to Homecoming 2007.  It was a 15-month deployment and it was 11 months between R&R; and Homecoming.  This time seems so different since I just saw him in August.  The whole Homecoming thing is really cool…once you get that phone call of where you need to be.

All the waiting until the Military homecoming just plain old sucks.  But it is worth it.

You get to the gym (or wherever you are supposed to be) and you wait.  You wait.  And you wait some more.
And then it starts.
The gym starts to fill with smoke.  You hear music and then you see them as the brave soldiers march through the door.  You try hard to spot your own spouse and when you do your heart just wants to burst.  But you have to wait.  They usually have a little
But you have to wait.  They usually have a little 5-minute speech and then you hear those words you have been waiting for…”Soldiers, you are released”  Or something like that.
It’s the words you have been waiting months and in my case, over a year to hear. The words that mean that your spouse is yours once again. That the deployment is over, that the homecoming has happened and that you can go back to living life as a Military couple once again.
Then everyone is running for their husband and it is just wonderful.  Hugs and kisses and relief.  Proposals and meeting of children and moms crying into their son’s arms. It beautiful and lovely and something a Military spouse is never ever going to forget.
Oh I can’t wait.  I really can’t wait to do it all over again 🙂

Are you waiting on a Military homecoming too?

Military Homecoming
Military Homecoming

Military Homecoming

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