Having a Baby in Germany

Having a Baby in GermanyHaving a Baby in Germany


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7 thoughts on “Having a Baby in Germany”

  1. So does he have dual citizenship? Is he actually a German baby? I'm not sure I could handle the language barrier for as long as you have. It must be really difficult.

  2. Ahhh…thanks Ellie. Jen, he won't be a German citizen. It's interesting to me being that the baby born next door to him at about the same time in the same hospital IS a German and he is not but it is because we are both US citizens. He actually has a German birth certificate, an International one and a US one but he is only a US citizen.

  3. Julie-in Germany citizenship is passed on by "blood" whereas in the US it's "enough" to be borne here. I am sorry about the frustrations in the German hospital. But I am biased, since I am German ;-). But I so get you,since my 2 youngest children born in the US and I felt the same way. In which town did you deliver? Susanna

  4. PS – I apologize that I called you Jen and not Julie 🙂 and congrats to your baby! I wish you lots of strength and a sane mind! LOL

  5. Hi Susanna!I thought that was about how it worked. I think when we give birth we want to be as comfortable as possible so it can be hard when you aren't in your home country.I had my son in Schweinfurt 🙂

  6. I’m glad it all went well, but your complaints mainly seem to be about language. If you live in Germany, you can’t expect people to speak another language – how arrogant. Why hadn’t you prepared yourself with the German vocabulary you needed? It couldn’t have been a surprise…

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