Shopping in Germany, Tchibo Stores

Being over in Germany I miss a lot of my favorite stores.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t found a few stores here in Germany that I love to go too.  One of my favorite shops that I know I am really going to miss is Tchibo.  And no they are not paying me or giving me anything free (I wish.)

My mom actually discovered Tchibo first when she bought a super cool sweater for one of my boys while she was visiting in Dec 2006.  This shop has a little bit of everything from clothing to furniture to decor.   And they are always changing the lines every week or so.   The stores themselves are coffee shops with the products in the store.  I have also seen their products in German grocery stores.

We have a small bakery with their stuff in our village but today I went to a bigger town and got to go to one of the bigger shops.  Man I could have spent tons of Euro there but I ended up with just a watch…



So if you are stationed in Germany, you have to go check this store out.  I love it!


It looks like it is possible to order online too which is good for me 🙂


PS.  I bought my Dirndl today and will blog about it soon 🙂



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