The Changing of Seasons


This weekend we celebrated Labor Day which to a lot of us means summer is over.  School is back in session and life takes on a different pace.  I look outside and see the leaves changing colors.  It’s time for fall to make its appearance.

Since I didn’t grow up in a place with very obvious seasons, I really enjoy seeing the seasons change.  I love watching the leaves turn to orange, yellow or red and fell the air get cooler.  Then I love waiting for that first snowfall and chill.  Then once it is time for spring it just feels good to not have to bundle up & to see flowers blooming again.

Dec2009 Then we have seasons of our lives.  There are so many things I want to do with in my life.  But right now I am in the season of making babies and I am just fine with that.  One day this baby no longer be a baby and I will have a chance to do a lot of things I haven’t been able to do before.  I am not going to feel guilty about it either.  Babies grow so fast and since this is my last I think it will go by even quicker.

387 Then with being a military family we go through seasons of deployment, and seasons of having a husband at home.  Just like the seasons of the year, we have a different pace of life depending on if he is home or not.  So with this next deployment I am going to remind myself that it won’t last forever.  Just like the summer months end and fall takes over, he will be home with us again.

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9 thoughts on “The Changing of Seasons”

  1. Its a good point – by seeing situations as "seasons" we can see that it's all only temporary. So we have to enjoy the good and realize the bad won't be around for long.I am ready for the season of babies, too, can you tell my body to cooperate? 😉

  2. I can NOT wait to get someplace where we have seasons. Some people look at me crazy but 80 and sunny (give or take 5 degrees) gets old quickly! Usually winter is the rainy season but there wasn't much of one this past winter. I'm so tired of 80 and sunny! Bring on dreary February, the first hints of warmth in March, (skip the humidity of summer), the crisp cool breeze of fall and SNOW. It isn't so much the different seasons, though there is that too, its the actual CHANGE of seasons that I look forward to most.

  3. What a beautiful post! I love the changing of the seasons too. I haven't lived where there are four distinct seasons in a very long time and am looking forward to it in New England this year. I love how you compare the changes in our military lives to the changing seasons. I think we grow so much with these changes and transitions that, if we let it, they can make us so very strong.

  4. I absolutely am in love with the fall and winter seasons! =D Totally felt it today here in California too…not hot but not cold…cloudy and slight windy…but just right 🙂

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