Moving During Military Life

Moving During Military Life

When I was in college and annoyed about moving for the 6th or 7th time in 4 years my mom said, “Think of all those military wives who have to move all the time with their families.”  Little did either one of us know I would someday be a military wife.  Maybe all that moving I did in college prepared me 🙂

When my husband joined the Army and it was time to move to Germany I was thrilled that the Army sent people to not only move us but also to pack us up.  By this point I think I had packed & moved over 10 times since I had left my parents house at 18.  It was time for someone else to do it…

When we moved back to the US we went from a 4 bedroom with a ton of storage to a 3 bedroom house.  It’s been hard to figure out how to organize here.  Going from a huge house to a much smaller one is difficult.

We are going to move again in March.  Not far.  Not to a new duty station.  Just to another rental.  One that would work a little better with 3 kids and that is either a little newer or has been kept up better.  We decided against the on-post thing for right now.  Before we move I have a lot of decluttering to do.  I will have to pack myself for the first time in years.  That will be weird but I hope it will not be as hard as I am thinking.  I think decluttering before we move will help a lot.

Living this lifestyle I want each house I am in to become my home.  I don’t want to fall into the, “well we won’t live here that long so it doesn’t really matter” mindset I seem to be in right now.  When we move in March we will stay in that rental until A) We PCS in 2013/2014 or B) Decide to stay here and then I hope we can buy a house.  Either way that is about 2.5/3 years in the place.  I have never stayed anywhere that long since I was 18.  I am excited about it!

Thinking over the next 16 or so years we have left in the military, I wonder how many different houses we will have?  And will it be weird for us to finally be out of the military and live in the same house for 5, 10, 15+ years?

I know when we got married I wanted to buy a house we would live in forever.  One where my children would bring their children for Christmas and it would have been the same place they grew up in.   But that didn’t happen.  Maybe it still can to some degree?  I don’t know.

Home IS where the Army sends us 🙂

How many houses have you lived in?  Do you ever miss one of them more than the others? 

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  1. I know, I'm crazy, but I kinda like moving. I think I'm addicted to change.As the child of a man who worked in the oil business I had 7 homes.As a college student, I had 5 dorm rooms I called home and 2 apartments.As a married couple, DH and I have moved 6 times in one year.And the Army has put us in two different homes so far (if you count me following him to AIT). We are hoping to make a stop in Japan and anywhere in Europe before he leaves the Army. He has yet to decide if he wants to retire in the Army or not.

  2. Oh yes Honey I can totally relate! I have to so though that I have never had the army move me and that must be nice – on the other hadn I'm a complete and utter control – organized freak so it may bother me to have the army move us. However, I did swear that the next move would be done by the army. I've moved 8 times in 5 years. The rental home we are currently in is the longest I've stayed in one house. It's huge and I'm going to be spoiled rotten and have to declutter myself! I do miss our first home together the most. WE LOVED IT! And I'm quite partial to the house we bought as well and is now a rental itself. I will admit I wanted the same thing as you – buy a house and let my kids grow up in one house – which is how my childhood was…but then I met this soldier haha. Good luck!

  3. I still really miss my vintage apartment in a Chicago neighborhood that I lived in when I met my husband. All the woodwork was original, it had gorgeous (not energy efficient) bay windows, and the other girls who lived in the building were so fun! The other houses/apartments we've lived in are kind of a blur. Our current rental house is really starting to grow on me…so much so that I made and hung curtains in the kitchen!

  4. …having had grown up as a military dependent (dad in the AF and assignments were every 2 years) and then immediately into the married life of my military hubby (PCS about every 3 years)…"move, relocate, change…as my mister likes to say… we are…"Semper Gumby aka always flexible". Actually after 2 to 3 years, I get the "itchy feet" to move again! My hubby is retired now and we have been in our home now since 2004 and I loved that we were able to see it from the ground up. …but…our hearts now are to maybe move one more time…at least in the state that we feel our kids will end up in-our oldest is married and her in-laws are in KY, and our other two are at college in KY.But like my husband says, who is to say that will be where they all end up? His family are all from Hawaii, and that would be wonderful, but when future grandbabies arrive, I don't want to be in another state, much less across the Pacific!Blessings & Aloha!Ooh! another thing that makes it hard, is we have truly enjoyed every place that we have been assigned…

  5. I was trying to count how many times I've moved in my lifetime, & gave up counting around 20. This most recent move was our 1st PCS, so I'm sure there are plenty more to come! My favorite house was the 1st home Mr.Clean & I bought together. We remodeled the whole thing & flipped it 4 years later. Lots of sweat & tears in that one…

  6. I lived in a house growing up until I was 10. Then we moved to another house. So, that's 2. When I got married, I moved into my husband's apartment. That's 3. Then we moved into a bigger apartment. That's 4. Then we moved BACK into house number 2, my parents' old house. 🙂 I don't miss any of them, except every once and a while I miss our bigger apartment, mostly because of the location.

  7. I've moved 7 times my entire life. I think no matter where you are, as long as you make it your home then you'll love it there.

  8. You're absolutely right about moving from a large house to a small one. SO difficult. Luckily, the Army is storing a lot of stuff for us. I do love that they move us, even though the last move was the one from hell and I lost a lot of stuff. (broken) I still have to file my claim and have no idea how to do it. I wonder, after living this life, if I can be happy in my "forever house" That's what I call it too. I do want one. I want to decorate a house and make it mine. I too, want my kids and grandkids to want to visit there and know it's a fun place and will always be there. For now, I'm excited about the next place. Call me crazy.

  9. I've moved 7 times in 26 years, all civilian. Next year I'll be moving wherever my soldier is at…possibly Germany. I am honestly excited for it now, I've been in this city for too long and I'm ready for something new! Just waiting until after this deployment is over, we get married and to see if he gets orders. As a little girl, I always did dream of a house that our kids could be raised in for all 18 years, come home from college to, and then eventually bring grandkids home to. Then I met my soldier and all that went out the window 🙂

  10. Oh, girl! I don't even know how many times I've moved! My father was an airline pilot, then I moved to college, then married a military man. We've only been at Bragg for a couple years, but that is a long time in this business!!

  11. I am on house #7, soon to be 8. Growing up I moved when I was just a couple years old basically a block or two down the road. Then we moved when I was 7 (only about 2 miles away), then about 30 miles away at age 14. When I got married we lived in a family members guest house for about a month before my hubby had to report to his next assignment (I am not counting that one!) When we got there we got a small apartment since it was only about 7 months, 2 of which I was in a hotel in a different state while he was training there. We finally had our first PCS and lived in that house for just over a year when we got a renovation notice. Now we have been in this place for just over a year and should be moving into our OWN home in just over a month!!

  12. I can honest say that moving is my constant friend but also my constant enemy. As a military brat I live at seven duty stations in 11 homes some apartments in that number). As a college student, I am on dorm room number four. Who knows what the future will bring but for the first time since my parents married (20+ yrs), they have lived somewhere for more than fours years!!! I am soooo unsettled by living somewhere for longer than fours years….three was pushing it. Thankfully I have college life and moving in and out of the dorms to help that feeling.

  13. I miss my grama's house the most. She's lived in the same house since before I was born. I lived with her most of my life and I just keep going back… I haven't been home (I call her house my home) in almost 3 years. I won't let her sell her house and move back to Michigan… I'm too afraid someone's going to buy her house and tear it down or do something crazy to it…. I'm hoping that I can talk my husband into buying it in the near future.I can't even remember how many times I've moved since I was 18…. but it's been a lot… and I didn't even join the Army until 6 years ago…

  14. I have moved a lot too. I feel your pain. But I'm positive you've moved MUCH more than I have. MUCH MUCH more. I think it's kind of cool in a way. Even though you have to uproot your life, you get to experience new places and meet new people. But I understand why you want a sense of permanency for your kids!

  15. Growing up, I lived in 4 different states (most in CA) and moved at least 13 times (from one apartment to another) before I married my sailor. Since we have been married, we have moved 8 times, 5 of those were PCS's. Before Japan, we had bought a house and I honestly thought we could stay there- forever. I loved moving up until then. But I felt like I had put some roots down for the first time in my life. I should have known better, right?

  16. I haven't had lots of moves but when we move we move big – I'm Irish, my husband is Malawian & we live in South Africa. I long to settle down in that forever home but when we do there will always be people missing. I guess home is where the heart / husband is!

  17. I love my new house which I hope will be my only house, but I am trusting God to decide that for us. I hate moving! We will see what God has in store!

  18. Ugh…seriously…this is my same problem! I hate moving!!!! I was a Marine brat, so we moved ALL the time. And of course I had to go out and marry one too…so we are constantly moving. I think I'm close to 20 moves in my lifetime already. It's just crazy! We have moved every year for the last 4yrs, and are about to move again the end of the year. I feel like I am NOT at all organized in ANY house we are ever in. I have the midset of…"why unpack, we aren't going to live here long enough to completely settle in". I hate that midset!!!! But I continue to do it for some reason. Good luck with your moving and going through things! And your right…"home is where the military sends you"!Thanks for linking up as I hosted the Milspouse Weekly Roundup! You rock!

  19. We're only now getting ready for our second move, but I'm really excited about it. I feel like Jeannette…part of me likes change. This kind, atleast. Starting over, new life…I'm not sure how we'll feel about it when our son starts school. I'm sure that will make it harder.

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