8 Months Pregnant and Tired all the Time

8 Months Pregnant and Tired all the Time

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8 Months Pregnant and Tired all the Time

I realized today that I am 8 months pregnant. That sounds so weird. But boy am I feeling it. I am tired, my feet hurt, my legs hurt, I have to pee every hour it seems and just feeling so uncomfortable. I think most women at 8 months pregnant can relate to that. I am hoping to find some relief by resting more but that is hard to do with other small children in the house.

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I had my Midwife appointment on Monday.  I tested negative on my GTT test and my iron looks good.  I am gaining more weight than she would like though so been trying to walk more. This seems to happen every pregnancy no matter what I do.

She also said I was measuring 3 weeks ahead.  I asked if that could mean my due date was off and she didn’t think so.  She said she would do an ultrasound if I still was next appointment.  I admit I would love another ultrasound but we will see how it goes.

From asking a ton of people, measuring 3 weeks ahead could mean nothing, it could mean a bigger baby, it could mean an earlier baby or it could mean my dates are off.  Who knows really?  I guess we just have to wait and find out.

She said she would do a C-section if she thought the baby was over 11lbs but I don’t think that will be an issue. I don’t like to hear about C-sections being given for babies that appear bigger than they might really be. I have had friends have them for that reason only for the baby to be born a lot smaller than they thought.

My parents are here visiting and we have been having fun. Tonight my husband and I got to go out for Mexican food. It seems like in our pre-kid days we went out for Mexican a lot so it was neat to do that with him.  Tomorrow I think we are going to go to the movies. Trying to take advantage of life before we become a family of five.

I have been so tired that I have been more of an online “reader” this week vs a “poster.”  Hoping next week will be a little better and I will get out of my little funk.

How did you survive the last few weeks of pregnancy???

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5 thoughts on “8 Months Pregnant and Tired all the Time”

  1. Glad I'm not the only one whose 8th month is kicking their butt! My kids are spaced so far apart that I have really noticed the extra fatique as I've gotten older. It is all I can do do get through a few chores without needing a nap lately!

  2. When I hit 31 weeks I was measuring 35. At 33 weeks, I was measuring 36. At 35 weeks, I measured 35. Weird huh? I asked my midwife and she said sometimes the uterus grows bigger early in the 3rd trimester and it takes the baby some time to catch up. I was very surprised to be measuring right on after being 3-4 weeks ahead. I know how you're feeling. These little bundles will be in our arms before we know it!

  3. WOW your so close hang in there. Yay for a midwife (since im new to blog..maybe i missed it:)) I bet you cant wait to not have to pee everymoment of the day huh! Good luck!

  4. I can't believe you're 8 months already!!! How exciting and blessed! Praying for you as you finish up the last couple of months!

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