I Got Bell’s Palsy After I Gave Birth

I Got Bell's Palsy After I Gave Birth

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up and my mouth was all weird. My ear also hurt. I wasn’t sure what was going on but when I woke up Friday morning feeling even worse I figured it was time to go into the doctor to see what was going on.  Well we went in and I have Bell’s Palsy which can happen in your 3rd trimester or after you give birth.  They told me it will take about 6-8 weeks to clear up.  Fun.

Basically, half of my face is drooping.  My right eye doesn’t blink or even close all the way. So I have eye drops for during the day and eye cream for the night.  I also have to tape the eye shut when I sleep.  My mouth just doesn’t work right.  I have trouble eating and feel like I am giving my mouth a workout when I do.  I can’t say certain words the right way. And when I try to smile it is scary.  I feel like I am smiling but I look like I am pissed off or something.  It’s all very odd.

They told me 6-8 weeks but hoping it can go away faster than that.  But at least I know what is wrong with me now and don’t have to keep wondering.

I will just have to explain to Joshua one day why I look a little mad in all the newborn pictures of him and me together.

My husband is going back to work this next week which I am a little nervous about.  His mom will be here a few more days and then my mom is coming out for about 12 days.

I am hoping that we can get through this time without too much trouble. Bell’s Palsy sounds so scary and you really don’t know how it will affect you long term.

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