Fun Ways to Work Out at Home

Fun ways to work out at home


I just had my birthday and received some money.  I decided to buy a couple of games with it.

1) Wii Fit Plus– I bought Wii Fit back in 2009 and had a lot of fun with it.  But it was getting a little boring.  The reviews on the Plus looked good so I decided to buy it.    This is what I really like about it:

* Option to just get your weight/BMI instead of always having to have it check your balance too.  I mean that’s cool every once in a while but not on a daily basis.

* Multi Player-You can each take turns playing some of the games.  The boys and I did this for a little bit the other night.

* You can weigh babies and pets and set up profiles for them.

* Fun new exercises.  They have a bunch of new games/exercises to try.  Cycling is my favorite so far but hasn’t tried them all yet.

* Set up workout plans.  You can choose from preset plans or create your own strength training/yoga workouts.

You don’t have to rebuy the whole system if you have Wii Fit.  It will just important your Wii Fit information for you.

2) Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for the Xbox Kinect–  I am really enjoying the workouts on this one.  It is either Bob or Jillian and it will tell you if you are doing each of the exercises right.  They also will ask if you are doing ok and you answer them vocally.   You can choose how long you want to workout too.  What I don’t like is that when I was trying to do a body scan it kept saying I was 5’4 and I am really 5’9.  I couldn’t get it to scan me right.  I also had the hardest time trying to customise my character simply because of having to use the Kinect to do it.  I wish when it came to stuff you have to enter there was an option to use the controller.  It also might be that I just need to play with it more and get more comfortable with the hands-free stuff.  You can also enter your calories or any other outside exercises you have done during the day.

I am going to switch off with these 2 programs and Dance Central to do something every day.  I haven’t given up on the 30-day shred but I haven’t done it in a couple of days so I will be getting back to that too.

What do you use to work out at home?  It can be so hard to get to a gym when you have little ones around.

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