My Little 14 Month Old

Baby J is 14 months old! He is such a cute little toddler. He is walking but still wants to crawl a lot of places. I am just waiting for the day that he figures out walking is easier. I am sure it will be soon. He is saying just a few words. Mama, Dada, All done, diaper, hi, hay and a few others. I thought he tried to say rooster the other day but I am not sure.

He loves to play with Mommy or Daddy. He also really really wants my Kindle. He will bring me things to trade for it. It never works but he keeps trying.

He eats almost anything I give him. Almost because sometimes he will turn his nose up at something he normally likes.

He LOVES music. Loves to dance to it. It is super cute. Even the ladies in the nursery noticed he loves music. He does not like to be left in a nursery or CDC. Once he is there and starts to play he is fine but at first he just wants to be with Mommy.

14 months old


14 months old

“So big!”

14 months old

Playing with Daddy

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  1. I remember when you first blogged about his birth….he's getting so big!! such precious kids you have!! 😀
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