Is there something wrong with my child?

Is there something wrong with my child?

Is there something wrong with my child???

Figuring out if something is wrong with your child is very difficult. As parents we want our children to be 100% okay. We don’t want anything to be wrong with them. We read the parenting books, we try to make all the right choices. Sometimes there is something going on but how do you know? How do you know they might be delayed or dealing with something other kids don’t have to deal with? How do you know you should take them somewhere to be seen?

It is a hard decision to make. We moved to the US from Germany when Drew was a little over three. I started him at the CDC and it was the really the first time he went anywhere that was like that. He had gone to the church nursery a few times and a couple of times at the CDC in Germany for one time events but nothing regularly. He didn’t do so well at first. I brought it up to the doctor and she thought he was just getting use to the new place. I wasn’t totally sure it was that but I wasn’t totally sure it wasn’t either. Looking back it really was the first signs of his Asperger’s but we didn’t know it at the time.

This past August I asked a different doctor about him. I brought up some of my concerns. She asked him a bunch of questions and felt he was fine. Maybe just his personality. At this point I just wasn’t sure what to think. By October I knew it was much more than just his personality. Things we thought he would have grown out of by almost five he hadn’t. I decided to call the doctor and just ask for a referral to see the Behavioral Doctor on post. I had heard he was excellent. From that I was directed to CAPS which is also on post. That is where we met with a doctor and got the diagnoses.

It has been a road, although not as long as it could have been. Looking back it is a lot more obvious that something was going on. But it isn’t always easy to tell when you are going through it.

I really do think moms know if something is going on. You just know deep down that something isn’t quite right. Sometimes the doctors might not see it at first. Sometimes you just have to keep at it to find out what is wrong

Before I took my oldest in to be tested I told myself that either 1) They will tell me he is fine or 2) There is something going on and we could start to help him. I tried not to worry although it was hard. I tried not to imagine the worst, although that was hard too. I just knew I had to do something about the feelings I was having.

Have you been through this? What advice would you give to someone who wasn’t sure something was going on with their child?

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2 thoughts on “Is there something wrong with my child?”

  1. Totally thought I was subscribed to your feed, but it is not showing the newer posts in my reader! 🙁

    But on to this post! I knew my Sam was somehow delayed in his speech. He was matching a 9mo's speech milestones, and even that wasn't too stellar. So I called EDIS to come evaluate him and sure enough, he has a delay. Just in speech, so I'm not overly concerned, but I appreciate them coming over every so often to give me cues as to what to work on with him and how to help him overcome this before it becomes more of an issue. That "mama feeling" is just about always right, isn't it? 🙂
    My recent post I'm warning you now that this post mentions poop way more than once, so I wouldn't recommend eating anything while you're reading this.

  2. I would say – go with your instincts. Parents and especially moms have a sixth sense when it comes to their children. There is no doctor in the world that can compete with that.

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