Army Wives Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Are you all caught up on Army Wives? If you are not there are a few ways to catch up. If you just need to watch episodes from season 6 you can do that by going to  If you need to start for the beginning or catch up with another season you should be able to do that on Netflix.

I will be talking about Army Wives Season 6 Episode 3 the rest of this post so if you haven’t watched it yet, don’t read anymore 😉



Army Wives Season 6


First of all I am so very glad that Pamela told Roxy that she needed to be with her husband.  It was getting a little ridiculous with Roxy getting a bigger place so Pamela could stay with them.  I was wondering how long that was going to go on for.  That being said it was pretty sad to see Pamela leave.  I hate saying goodbye to people and have done it many times so I knew what that felt like.  I cried a few tears during those scenes.  Partly because I had been through it before and partly because Pamela was leaving the show.  I don’t know many details but the actress that plays her, Brigid Brannagh is going to be on a new show called Gilded Lilys.  So I am guessing that is why Pamela is leaving the show.  Either that or because Chase is no longer on the show it made sense to have her go to.

As for Roxy, I was irritated that she name dropped at the housing office.  She should know after being an Army Wife for 6 years now that you just don’t do that.  Shame on her!

As for the drama with the new lady, Jackie.  Part of me felt like Claudia Joy was just irritated over nothing but since it is a drama on TV we know there is going to be trouble with her.

Army Wives Season 6

As for the Roland and David story line, it was sweet to see David having fun but I guess there is going to be drama with the head of the center.

So what did you all think?


Here is the preview for tomorrow night!


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  1. I am disappointed that all of the Army wives are now officers wives. I am not against any rank by any means but there is a different environment for both. I plan on watching still but may not be able to relate as well.

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