The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt

I am a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I use to watch Kids Incorporated way back when and she was on that show. I loved Ghost Whisperer too so when I saw she was in a new show I knew I wanted to at least check it out. Lifetime sent me a preview of the first and second episodes of her new show, the Client List.

Award nominee Jennifer Love Hewitt, officially opens for business on Sunday, April 8, at 10:00pm ET/PT. Golden Globe winner Cybill Shepherd (Cybill), Emmy
®Award-winning actress Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy) and Colin Egglesfield (Something Borrowed) also star. Based on the network’s hit 2010 original movie, Lifetime has ordered 10 episodes of The Client List. The Client List is about Texas housewife “Riley Parks” (Hewitt), who, after being deserted by her husband, is left in serious financial straits and takes a job at a seemingly traditional day spa in a neighboring town. But when she realizes some of her co-workers also provide other services, Riley must make the difficult decision whether or not to embrace an opportunity for her to resolve her financial hardships. The series will follow Riley as she delicately balances a moral conflict between two starkly different lives — one as a single mother in a conservative town struggling to provide for her family and the other as a savvy and ambitious businesswoman working with a raucous, sexy and unpredictable group of women. As Riley becomes more involved, she struggles while working in secrecy knowing her family and friends would disapprove of her decision. Shepherd stars as “Linette,” Riley’s mother; Devine plays “Georgia,” the spa’s feisty and disorganized owner; and Egglesfield portrays Riley’s brother-in-law “Evan.”

The Client List is executive produced by Hewitt, Dannielle Thomas (The Client List), Howard Braunstein (The
Client List, The Informant!), Jordan Budde (GCB, 90210) and Efrem Seeger (Queer as Folk, The Fresh Prince
of Bel-Air), with Fedora Films and Jaffe/Braunstein producing, in association with Sony Pictures Television.
In its July 2010 world premiere, the Lifetime Original Movie The Client List, for which Hewitt received a
Golden Globe nomination in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for
Television category, averaged 3.9 million Total Viewers. The movie was produced by Fedora Films and JaffeBraunstein Entertainment.

My Thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I liked Jennifer Love Hewitt but was unsure on what the show was about. I liked how they focus a lot on her family. Mostly her mom and her situation with her husband but they also show her as a mom who really cares about her kids. She tries to make the right decisions about things but it is really hard based on what she is dealing with. There was also a little bit of mystery surrounding the husband that might be something they talk about all season long. Cybill Shepherd did great as Riley’s mom too. I am looking forward to more episodes! I know the subject matter might turn some people away but I felt it was presented in a classy way.  And the show felt to me that its focus was going to be on Riley’s struggles and how she was trying to do the best for her family.

The Client List


The Client List


The Client List


The Client List


The show premieres Sunday, April 8 at 10/9c on Lifetime!

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