Fort Hood, Texas

I wanted to have some guest posts about different duty stations.  The first one is by Daneilia who is stationed at Ft. Hood with her family.  She blogs at Anchors Away.  She is about to join the Military herself 🙂  If you would like to do a guest post about where you live, please send me an email at  I would love to have you 🙂

Living at Fort Hood Texas

Hi, everyone! I’m Daneilia, my family and I are currently stationed at Fort Hood and if you didn’t know it is the largest Military installation in the United States. I think its just one of those things that make it really neat and interesting. At the gates when they say “Welcome To The Great Place”, it is true at least I think so. There are an unlimited amount of resources at this base for Military families. When I say unlimited, I mean it. I had no idea about support groups for Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, and so on until I arrived here. There are so many resources I know about and am still learning about many more. There are an extreme amount of housing sections, there are a couple of Commissaries and PXs’. Also, Fort Hood has so many resources for Religions, Finance, Parenting (there are classes and groups), any kind of assistance you can think of. Of course, many duty stations have this, but being the largest installation to thousands of Soldiers and families they have to provide much more.

Every year Fort Hood hosts a couple of handfuls of free events for Military families. Every now and again you’ll catch Sesame Street performing because of our wonderful USO on post. Sesame Street works in coordination with the USO on providing things for the Military Children. Ah-MAZ-ing right?! The United Service Organization provides Soldiers and families with so much. Soldiers always have access to free internet and computer services as well as other services. Not only do they work with Sesame Street but they work with Fort Hood and famous music artists to come and do performances at large events on base.

Do you like to exercise? Well you’ll never have to go off post for a gym and if you like to Run 5ks or 10ks they have a 5k every month and every so often host a 10k as well. They have more than a handful of gyms on post. If you need childcare some of them provide it. But there are plenty of Child Care buildings if you can’t get your child in the ones at the gym. All child care is really great and I can vouch for that because I’ve used plenty of the child care resources with my daughter. They don’t just watch them and let them play. The providers do crafts as well as other fun things too. If your child is of a certain age they are eligible to attend Head Start on post which is a preschool for your little ones. If you are unable to get your child to the day care on post you can go off post and there is a program called NACCRRA which you may be eligible for too. It would help with the costs.

If you think you are missing out on something don’t be afraid to ask people for help. There will always be one good person who will give you the ins and outs.

I think maybe one of the frustrating things about being at this post here is the City of Killeen. Its a very small town and traffic is awful. But the good part is Austin is only an hour out. There are outlets in Georgetown which is right before Austin. There are fun parks and museums for older kids. There is the Austin Children’s Museum which is pretty fun for little ones. But if you want to get farther out Dallas/Fort Worth area is about 2 1/2 – 3 hours out and there is a Six Flags up there. Then down South you have San Antonio and the Alamo and all other sorts of fun things to do. There is good and bad wherever you go so don’t be discouraged.

I’m hoping that some of this information can assist you as you make your journey here or if you are already here. I’ve mentioned some resources below.

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  1. LOVED Fort Hood while we were there. You’re totally right about the traffic though. When we lived there we lived 4 miles from post but it could easily take 20 minutes during rush times. Here at Fort Stewart we live 25 miles form post and it only takes an extra 10 minutes haha.

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