Dr. Bizer’s Vision World Value Vision Visit and Review

Dr. Bizer
I wear glasses. I use to wear contacts but the last couple years glasses just seemed to work better for me. I was pretty excited to get an email from Dr. Bizer’s Vision World about going in for an eye exam and receiving a pair of glasses for a review. It was actually time for me to go in for an eye exam but I was being a little lazy about making the appointment.

Dr. Bizer

I visited Doctor’s Value Vision in our local mall here in Clarksville. When I walked in I was welcomed and asked to sign in. I didn’t have to wait too long before they took me to a side room to blow the air in my eyes to check for Glaucoma. Pretty much what I have been used to in an eye exam. I then waited a few more minutes before I went into the room with the Eye Doctor. She was very nice and had me do all the standard testing that they do. Asking me what is more clear, A or B and all of that type of stuff. It seemed to go pretty quickly. After all the testing was done she was very good about explaining how my eyes were doing and what she suggested I should do about getting contacts. She dilated my eyes, gave me a prescription and then I was introduced to the lady that would help me pick out my glasses.

Dr. Bizer

When it comes to picking glasses I can be pretty indecisive about it. I usually want a fun pair but something different from what I had before. The lady showed me a bunch of different glasses after I told her what I was looking for. After trying on a lot of pairs I finally found my perfect pair of glasses. The lady that was helping me also made sure that I ordered the right kind of glasses. My new ones will help when I am on the computer and when I drive at night. I explained to her that it was a little scary driving at night because the lights had a glow to them. I shouldn’t have that problem with these new glasses. I was also impressed by their selection. There were a lot of glasses to chose from which is nice for me because I am picky.

Dr. Bizer

It took two weeks but I was able to pick up my glasses today! I am very happy with them. I also felt like if I have an issue with them, I can go back and they will help me out. I am still debating on contacts. I am sure I will eventually get them again but for now I am happy with my glasses. I was really impressed with the staff and my experience at Dr. Bizer’s. I enjoyed my experience very much and found them to be very helpful.


You can visit them on Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/DrBizersVisionWorld

Twitter -https://twitter.com/#!/DrMarkLynn

and find an office in your area here… http://www.drbizersvisionworld.com

And for my Military readers, they do accept Tricare 🙂


I was provided an eye exam and glasses in exchange for this post. This review and opinions mentioned in it are all my own.

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Bizer’s Vision World Value Vision Visit and Review”

  1. I love the frames! When I wore glasses I was always too afraid to something printed or colorful and stand out … but now I wish I’d had more fun with my necessary accessory (I had lasik about two years ago, so no more glasses for me).

  2. Glad you had a goos experience there because mine was a nightmare. I swore that I would never go back and I have not. We see the eye doctor that is in the Wal Mart in Oak Grove and she is awesome.

  3. I love your new glasses. I really like that they have a print on the sides and they look great on you.

    I tried to go to Value Vision a couple times to fill my Rx for glasses, but unfortunately they were always understaffed. So I’d end up waiting 40+ min. with frames in my hand just waiting for them to measure my face and pay. I ended up leaving because I couldn’t wait any longer. They do have a nice assortment of glasses though and great prices.

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