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preschool graduationToday my little boy graduated from preschool. He is going to start Kindergarten in the fall and I am feeling a little emotional about it. It isn’t that I can’t let him go, it is that I think about how quickly the last 5.5 years went and how he is going to be starting official school soon.

Years go by so quickly, I know it will be 2025 before we know it. 2025 is when he is supposed to graduate from high school! His brother will graduate a year before him. What will life be like for us then? I think about it sometimes. If Ben decides to go career he will be close to hitting his 20 year mark. He might only have a year left! I would hope that I would be making a full-time income from home by that time. That is my dream. I am not sure where we will live. I am not sure if he will graduate from the high school we live by right now. It could be in a different state or even country.

I hope that when it is 2025 I can look back on his childhood and know he had a good one. That he will learn what he needs to and he will be able to have a pretty normal life. Well as normal of a life as a Military child can have. I worry about him and the middle school years. They are hard for any kid but to add Asperger’s on top of it, make me terrified that he will hate those years. I pray that he can make friends at every place we may live. Friends that understand him and want to be around him. I am thankful he has two brothers that will always be his friends.

We were worried about him and his preschool graduation. Even talked about skipping it. But he went and he did wonderful. I was so proud of him. He therapy has really been helping him. The other night he and his brother got into a little bit of a fight. After cooling down a bit he went up to his brother and told him sorry without being asked to do so. I thought that was huge!

I am excited about Kindergarten! I am nervous about Kindergarten! I am worried about kindergarten! I know that when we work with him on his behaviors, he learns how he should be acting in certain situations. I know it is hard for him. He has bad days and it is hard to watch. I want so badly to fully understand him but I don’t think I ever really will. He is already starting to read a little bit which is awesome! He knows pretty much what you need to know before you start Kindergarten. His big struggles next year will be social.  It might be a hard year, it might be really wonderful.  I guess we just have to wait and see how it goes.


Anyone else getting ready to send a child to kindergarten in the fall? Do you have any worries about it?



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  1. Bekah starts Kindergarten in the fall. She is so excited about it and can’t wait to go. I am sad that she is growing up so fast and will be in school and not hanging out with me. I’m not sure how my mommy heart will be on the day that she starts. I want to push her to be independent and to have fun in school, but I also want her to be close to me. We’ll see how it all plays out.

  2. I want to push her to be independent and to have fun in school, but I also want her to be close to me. We’ll see how it all plays out. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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