He is a toddler now

20 Months Old

Baby J is officially a toddler now. In the last couple of weeks I have seen some major changes in him. I tend to have “easy” babies. By easy I mean mellow and not as difficult as they could be. They smile a lot and as long as you feed them, change them and have them sleep they are good. But then something happens around two. They grow and change into a different type of child. I might have easy babies but I have very difficult toddlers and I am afraid we have reached this point a little earlier with Baby J.

Yesterday he climbed out of his crib. I was getting ready to go grocery shopping and Ben was going to wake him up from his nap. I heard him screaming like something was wrong. I went in his room to find him in the process of climbing out of his crib and getting stuck. I put him back in his bed as I needed to leave and Ben was going to grab him in a few minutes. Right when I was about to walk out the door I look up at the top of the stairs and there he was. Little stinker. Bedtime was quite a bit harder than it has been but he did get to sleep after just a few times of having to put him back in his bed. Nap time doesn’t seem to be an issue quite yet as we are doing VBS this week and by the time I lay him down he is exhausted!

20 Months Old

He is also saying a lot more words. He is also demanding stuff aka screaming loudly when he wants something which isn’t good and we need to work on that.

He is still being super cute and trying so hard to keep up with his brothers. He is walking better and really understanding the world around him. As soon as the older two get back to school and we are done with our crazy summer schedule we are going to start potty training. Now PT has been one of the hardest things about parenting for me. My older two took F O R E V E R!!! But baby J is already telling me “poop” and seems to know what a potty is. I just hope that he can connect everything and start using the potty soon. If he isn’t ready, we will soon find out but I feel like I have to at least try.

This kid is going to keep me on my toes! Toddlerhood part 3 is going to be a crazy mix of fun and frustration but I have done it before and I can do again right?

How many of you have toddlers?


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  1. I have an 17 month old and he is seriously sooo sweet. He is the cuddler out of my three kiddos, so precious! And how sweet is your little man, i love that little grin!

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