First Full Day of Kindergarten


They do things a little weird here for kids in Kindergarten. They start off going on the 1st day of school but only stay for an hour with their parents. Then they go one day during the next week for testing. Then they finally start going full-time on Friday of this week. Well today was Drew’s day to go for testing. First day to ride the bus. This mama was/is a little nervous about it all.

The bus is a special needs bus which is nice. It comes right to our house and they have an aid on the bus to help with the kids. He told me he was afraid of the bus, I told him it was okay to be afraid but that the bus was fun and he didn’t have to ride on it a long time. I also told him he would be able to take his Legos with him. His Lego characters are his security blanket. We recently learned that just holding them in a new situation makes it much easier for him. Luckily his teacher is okay with him bringing them to school.

I think he will do okay at school but I am still so nervous about it. We have spent the last few days going over what the teacher might ask. I know he knows pretty much everything they will ask him but we wanted him to be prepared for it. We are also going over what a normal day looks like, the rules and what he can expect. Overall I think he is excited about starting Kindergarten but last night he told me he wasn’t going to “do” Kindergarten. He was acting nervous this morning. When he is nervous he will start talking a lot about Legos and the back stories of the characters. He always talks about them but when he is nervous he just keeps a steady stream of facts going about it.

I really really hope he had a wonderful day. That he will love to go to school and be able to learn what he needs to learn.

As for me…having two in school is going to be nice. I am going to start walking again as I just have one child in a stroller. Eventually I would like to sign up with a gym and start swimming again.  I will be able to fully participate in PWOC and MOPS and hope to have playdates for J. Up until know J just kinda had to come along for things but now it is his turn. It is going to be a lot of fun for him!

I also am looking forward to being able to concentrate on my blogging and Scentsy business a little more. It was so hard during the summer. Now with two in school I should be able to get a lot more work done.

What are you looking forward to about this fall?


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