Fall and its Changes

My next guest post is by Kim who blogs at She is Fierce 🙂  She is a Canadian Military wife with 3 children.  She is also going to be talking about my favorite season, fall 🙂



DH and I agree on almost all major life decisions, except perhaps where we would live if we were rich and could choose anywhere in the world to have our own private island.
Which, in all fairness, isn’t a major life decision that will be coming up any time soon.  But still, one has to dream.  And both our dreams are very different.

DH loves the heat.  All the time.  Hot, hot, lay on the beach wear a bathing suit do nothing all day HOT weather.  And he would never need to see a season change, see the weather dip or the leaves on the trees turn colour.  He would move us to some sprawling estate in the hottest non-warring place he could find, and be deliriously happy.

This does not appeal to me.  At all.

I spent the majority of my life in the Canadian prairies.  It might surprise you, but our summers can be pretty hot some years.  And this won’t surprise you, but our winters can be absolutely blisteringly freeze-your-eyelashes-shut cold. And season after season, year after year, one thing I have learned about myself remains.

Regardless of what the new seasons bring, I love to see them change.

It’s true, I’m a freak who loves change!  Every single season, I’m happy to see the new one around the corner.  I guess I am easily distracted, but I could never live somewhere that didn’t have a consistent change in weather to show me that time is passing.

Fall is by far my favorite season to see coming.  It could be because I love hot soup and cinnamon smells.  It could also be because I get bored of the constant need to find a warm weather outfit that doesn’t involve trying to squeeze into trendy short shorts.

At each stage in my life it has meant different things, but even more than Spring, Fall to me has always represented a new beginning. The beginning of a new year of school.  The beginning of a new year of college.  The beginning of a regular routine after moving to a new place.  Fall is when things around here get started after the summer break.

It means sweaters and boots and other clothing that is much more flattering on me these days than the tiny outfits of summer.  It means it’s crisp enough that I can go for a run anytime of day and not just before sunrise, but not so cold that I have to wear a parka.  It means the hint of anticipation about Christmas without the overthetop stress of Christmas.  It means comfortable nights under a cozy blanket and it means once and a while I can grab hubby’s Recce sweater and some sweatpants and curl up with my Kindle (as long as he doesn’t catch me in the sweater!).

This past summer saw DH and I posted to a new base.  A new life with new schools, new Church, new friends and a new routine to get used to.  DH’s job here is drastically different from the one he left at the last base.  Even though he’s still in the same army, this job means that this morning when he left for his first field exercise since moving here he wasn’t wearing army green carrying a rucksack, he was in khakis and carrying a suitcase.  It’s hard to get used to. We’re still living in the same beautiful country, but I swear it can feel like we moved across the globe.  Things are very different and with all these adjustments, you would think I would be sick of change this fall.

But one thing about seasons, their change is well…. always the same.  Even though we are thousands of miles from our last post, this September still came and brought cooler weather, falling leaves and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. School still started right when it should and I can sit and write this, curled up on a chair in fuzzy socks and an over sized sweater that may or may not belong to DH (shhhhh…. it can be our little secret).

Some days it may feel like my world stopped and I am never going to figure out how to navigate all this ‘new’.

Then fall comes and reminds me time is still going on.  The world is still turning and fall is still going to come this year, just like winter and spring after it.  And that makes my heart happy.

Sometimes change can be the one thing that stays the same.

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9 thoughts on “Fall and its Changes”

  1. Beautifully written and so true. A lovely reminder of the things that can bring comfort in times of crazy change!

  2. Every body has dream but really different and also it’s changeable. I believe that dreams are meaningless then i like it.

  3. Oops….sorry about that mistake. I love fall too, which is something to say from a fl girl! I love living in Alaska. Winter has already started here..and I feel like we did not have enough fall.

    • Tell me about it! I wish it could have at least been a day longer. But I tolalty agree with you! It is nice to see old friends and family again! It sounds like you really enjoyed your break!

  4. Oops….sorry about that mistake. I love fall too, which is something to say from a fl girl! I love living in Alaska. Winter has already started here..and I feel like we did not have enough fall.

  5. I’m so flipping nosy, I am still trying to figure out where you lived before and where you’ve moved to now. I’m to my husband, “On which base would a field exercise require a brief case?” lol You’re a military wife. You’re tough. Tough as nails appparently, since you wouldln’t move to the hot-hot island and would chose the freeze-your-eyelashes-shut weather. Crazy lady. I can say that, I’m in Winnipeg. My nostrils freeze together here. Great, beautiful post…almost made me like this freezing cold fall weather 🙂

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